DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

Trump continues to decry removal of Confederate statues as James Murdoch condemns his comments on the violence in Charlottesville; ABC's 'pink slime' defamation suit settled last week; Hong Kong's… More

DARE: Daily Alert on Rights and Expression

Lawsuit filed against Trump's transgender military ban, Senator Warren opposes Israel Anti-Boycott Act, and China and Russia go further in restricting internet freedom. More

ACLU: Snowden proved NSA internet spying harms Americans

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups sued the National Security Agency and the Justice Department on Tuesday, challenging the government's practice of collecting personal information from vast… More

The ACLU and Wikipedia are Suing the NSA

Every day, millions of communications move in and out of the country, swept up and collected along the way by the NSA’s all-reaching surveillance dragnet. Every week, we learn… More