Redha Al-Boori

Al-Boori was arrested in April 2019 in a wave of arrests targeting writers and commentators. Prior to his arrest, he had written about regional politics, though he had not… More

Nassima Al-Sadah

Al-Sadah is a columnist whose writing questioned the male guardianship system and advocated for greater rights for women, including the right to drive. In late August 2018, Al-Sadah was… More

Abdulmajeed Al-Buluwi

A freelance political analyst, Al-Buluwi was arrested on November 16, 2019 as part of a wave of arrests of Saudi writers and bloggers. However, after media coverage and international… More

Mohammed Al-Sadiq

One of several writers arrested in April 2019, Al-Sadiq previously wrote about sectarianism, conflict, and economic inequality in the region. He was also active in the movement to end… More

Ayman Al-Drees

The U.S.-educated Al-Drees was arrested in April 2019 on unknown charges as part of a wave of arrests of writers, journalists, and online commentators who had voiced support for… More

Ali Al-Saffar

Al-Saffar is one of several commentators and writers arrested in April 2019. He had previously written about the Syrian Civil War and regional conflicts but had not been active… More

Abdullah Al-Duhailan

Al-Duhailan, a novelist and an advocate for Palestinian rights who also reported on Saudi women driving in defiance of the driving ban, was detained in April 2019 but no… More

Writers at Risk Database

Fuad Al-Farhan

On November 21, 2019, Saudi blogger Fuad Al-Farhan was arrested, his house was raided, and his devices seized. Following a brief detention lasting a matter of days, Al-Farhan was… More

Salah Al-Haidar

Al-Haidar was arrested without charge in a wave of arrests in April 2019. While in detention, he has been denied access to a lawyer. He is the son of… More

Abdulaziz Al-Hais

Al-Hais, who had written about the Arab Spring and the roles that intellectuals play in the Middle East, was arrested from his home in November 2019 as part of… More