‘That Book Wrote Me’

Chinua Achebe delivered the following speech at the close of PEN's 2008 Tribute to Chinua Achebe. It appears in PEN America 9: Checkpoints, along with other excerpts from the… More

Love Letter

“You’re a really good writer,” she said, “almost as good as your brother Charles. You should read the novel he’s writing.” So I snuck into Charles’s room and… More

Roger Angell: A Sporting Life

And in the off season once, when he was working for the Tigers, working with some teenagers, he discovered a new pitch. He learned that if you take the… More

Working Day Notes: The Publishing Revolution is Here

Introduction by Joshua FurstWe’ll examine the current state of publishing and the massive changes it’s going through. The panel of publishers and authors will describe their experiences, and try… More