Public Lives/Private Lives

Village RumorsA few weeks ago, the phone rang at 11:45 p.m. in my home in Amsterdam. It was my friend Vincent, who’s been living in Sweden since he fled… More

Public Lives/Private Lives

I spent my childhood in socialist Romania. In 1983 I learned that the two most dangerous objects in our household were my father's air-gun and his typewriter. A presidential… More

Clean Sheets

Prolific Dutch novelist and journalist Arnon Grunberg (Amsterdam, 1971) has done many things: win the same first-novel prize for a second time (pseudonymously as Marek van der Jagt), publish… More

Flattop for Cherry Hill

This is a story about the experiences I have had as a prison barber. I was incarcerated at the C.E. Egeler Correctional Facility in Jackson, Michigan 1995-1998.Cherry Hill is… More

Ms. Body

Dear Ms. Body,I want to start this letter by telling you that I am only writing this because I have to. I know there are a lot of things… More

Summer Snow

*The following is a true account. Everything actually took place at the end of summer of 1982.On July 8, 1982, I turned fourteen years old. It was the middle… More

A Family’s Ties

*This story is dedicated to Mrs. Vera Prather. Without her loving support this story may never have been told.My parents had a secret. And as secrets go, they shared… More

Fair Well

Sunbeams escaped from the free world and drifted into my cell through the bars and laid beside me sharing my bunk in the summer of 1989. It was a… More

Day One

There I stood in that cavernous hallway, handcuffed to someone I didn’t know and probably never wanted to know. About twenty of us just standing there, scared half to… More