Zahra Mohammadi

Zahra Mohammadi

In 2019, Mohammadi was arrested for teaching Kurdish language and detained for seven months, temporarily held incommunicado and in solitary confinement. In February 2021, an appeals court upheld a… More

Gheyret Abdurahman

Uyghur scholar Abdurahman was detained in March 2018 for over a year after translating Nobel laureate Mo Yan’s book Red Sorghum because it was deemed “politically sensitive.” Abdurahman’s arrest… More

Deniz Zarakolu

The son of human rights activists, Zarakolu was first arrested in 2002 for a speech he gave at his mother's funeral. In 2011, he was arrested again in a… More

Ali Ünal

A columnist at the daily Zaman, Ünal was arrested in August 2016 during a purge of followers of exiled preacher Fethullah Gülen following the coup attempt. Ünal had previously… More

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Michel Kilo

In 2006, Kilo was arrested after signing a declaration in support of diplomatic relations between Syria and Lebanon. He was sentenced to three years in prison for spreading false… More

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Necmiye Alpay

Alpay was detained following the 2016 coup attempt for her connection to pro-Kurdish daily Özgür Gündem. After four months in detention, she was conditionally released in December 2016. She… More

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Ayşe Berktay

Alongside her literary career, Berktay is a staunch advocate for women’s and Kurdish rights. Initially sentenced in 2011 on terrorism charges after attending conferences on behalf of a pro-Kurdish… More

Moheeb Al-Nawaty

Palestinian journalist and author Al-Nawaty was detained for unspecified “security reasons” in 2011 while translating his book in Damascus. In 2013, the Norwegian government reported he was in Syrian… More

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Svetlana Slapšak

Writer and activist Svetlana Slapšak faced physical and legal threats for her human rights work in Serbia. In 1989, she was dismissed from her job, and in 1991 fled… More

Ayman Al-Drees

The U.S.-educated Al-Drees was arrested in April 2019 on unknown charges as part of a wave of arrests of writers, journalists, and online commentators who had voiced support for… More