Lhamjab A. Borjigin

Lhamjab A. Borjigin

Lhamjab writes about Mongolian culture, specializing in survivor testimonies of the political violence of the Cultural Revolution. In 2019, he was convicted on separatism charges. In September 2020, he… More

O. Sechenbaatar

Sechenbaatar, who comments online about Mongolian culture, was detained after attending a local protest, which his relatives believe was cover for suppressing his writing. In September 2020, he was… More

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Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald was threatened by via email and social media after the publication of an investigative series about corruption in Brazil's “Operation Car Wash.” Accused of hacking public officials’ phones,… More

Égide Harerimana

Short story writer and reporter Harerimana was arrested with other members of the Iwacu staff in October 2019 while investigating clashes between security forces and armed groups. In January… More

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Rezaul Karim Siddique

On April 23, 2016, Siddique was murdered by Islamic militants. While his death by machete was similar to other secular bloggers, Siddique was not publicly critical of Islam and… More

Ananta Bijoy Dash

Secular writer Dash was hacked to death by masked men with machetes in 2015. Seven years passed until any individuals were brought to justice. In March 2022, a Bangladesh… More

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Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

In 2018 Dr. Iqbal was stabbed by an anti-secular extremist after receiving multiple death threats. Iqbal recovered and his attacker is being tried for attempted murder. More

Shafik Rehman

Shafik Rehman

Rehman was arrested without warrant in April 2016 in connection with a plot to kidnap and murder the prime minister’s son. An active member of the political opposition, he… More

Zoran Mutić

A prominent translator who protested the rise of Serbian nationalism during the Balkan Wars, Mutić fled Sarajevo in 1992, just before the siege of the Bosnian capital by the… More

Rodrigo Neto de Faria

On March 8, 2013, Rodrigo Neto de Faria was killed in Ipatinga. At the time, Neto was reportedly writing a book investigating several murders with suspected police involvement. While… More