Ali Ünal

A columnist at the daily Zaman, Ünal was arrested in August 2016 during a purge of followers of exiled preacher Fethullah Gülen following the coup attempt. Ünal had previously… More

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Pınar Selek

A feminist writer, Selek has been prosecuted for over 20 years on false claims related to her involvement in a 1998 explosion in Istanbul. She currently lives in exile… More

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Ahmet Şık

Investigative reporter Şik was detained in 2011 for “spreading terrorist propaganda” in a book he wrote on the controversial Gülen movement. He was released a year later, but was… More

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Selahattin Demirtaş

A left-wing politician and leader of the pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party, Demirtaş has been imprisoned since November 2016 on terrorism charges. Even in prison, he has remained active in… More

İnan Altın Grup Yorum

Altın is a member of activist collective and band Grup Yorum. Since the band’s inception, its critical songs have angered the Turkish government and members have faced serious threats.… More

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Necmiye Alpay

Alpay was detained following the 2016 coup attempt for her connection to pro-Kurdish daily Özgür Gündem. After four months in detention, she was conditionally released in December 2016. She… More

Ahmet Altan

Altan and his brother Mehmet were detained following the July 2016 coup attempt. The court overturned his life sentence, resulting in a 10.5-year sentence and subsequent order for release… More

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Mehmet Altan

In September 2016, authorities detained Altan and his brother Ahmet for allegedly giving subliminal messages “suggestive” of the July coup attempt during a television panel the night prior. Though… More

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Ayşe Berktay

Alongside her literary career, Berktay is a staunch advocate for women’s and Kurdish rights. Initially sentenced in 2011 on terrorism charges after attending conferences on behalf of a pro-Kurdish… More

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Çayan Demirel

Award-winning filmmaker Demirel was sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison for “propagandizing for a terrorist organization” after screening Bakur, a film he co-directed with Ertuğrul Mavioğlu, in a… More