Writers at Risk Database

Ekrem Dumanli

The former editor-in-chief of the popular Turkish newspaper Zaman, Dumanli was arrested in December 2014 in a crackdown on journalists associated with the Gülenist movement. Although he was released… More

Gültekin Avcı

Avcı, a former columnist at now-shuttered newspaper Bugün, was arrested following the failed July 2016 coup. His trial was merged with a separate trial where defendants were accused of… More

Fikret Başkaya

Başkaya, an academic and author of several books on topics including socialism, politics, and corruption in Turkey, was arrested in November 2017 on the basis of an article he… More

Writers at Risk Database

Gökçe Fırat Çulhaoğlu

Çulhaoğlu has authored 22 books and is the lead columnist for Türk Solu (Turkish Left), the publication of his political party. In March 2018, he was sentenced to prison… More

Writers at Risk Database

Hanım Büşra Erdal

Reporter and columnist Erdal was detained in a sweep of journalists writing for Zaman, a newspaper forced to close after the failed 2016 coup, and sentenced on terrorism charges.… More

Mustafa Erkan Acar

Acar, an author and editor for Zaman, a newspaper forced to close after the failed 2016 coup, was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2018 after a mass… More

Cemal Azmi Kalyoncu

Court reporter and author Kalyoncu was detained in the crackdown following the failed 2016 coup. His articles, books, and tweets were used as evidence to convict him on terrorism… More

Bayram Kaya

Kaya, who exposed the complicity of the Turkish intelligence service in the murder of journalist Hrant Dink, was detained in a sweep of journalists following the failed 2016 coup.… More

Abdullah Kılıç

Police detained Kılıç in July 2016 in the direct aftermath of the failed coup against the government of President Erdogan. Kılıç, a columnist, was accused of being a follower… More

Emre Orman

In October 2019, Orman was arrested for online criticism of Turkey's invasion of southwestern Kurdistan. He was charged with spreading terrorist propaganda and released weeks later on appeal. Convicted… More