Naji Jerf

A filmmaker known for his work exposing the realities of the Syrian Civil War, Jerf was killed by ISIS militants in Gaziantep, Turkey in December 2015. Prior to his… More

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Mehmet Osman Kavala

Kavala, a prominent philanthropist and publisher, was reportedly setting up a cultural center aiming to integrate Syrian refugees into the local community when he was detained on anti-terrorism charges… More

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Sevan Nişanyan

Nişanyan was imprisoned in 2012 for a blog entry he wrote criticizing government attempts to ban criticism of the Prophet Muhammad. However, in July 2017, he escaped from prison… More

Cemal Azmi Kalyoncu

Court reporter and author Kalyoncu was detained in the crackdown following the failed 2016 coup. His articles, books, and tweets were used as evidence to convict him on terrorism… More

Bayram Kaya

Kaya, who exposed the complicity of the Turkish intelligence service in the murder of journalist Hrant Dink, was detained in a sweep of journalists following the failed 2016 coup.… More

Abdullah Kılıç

Police detained Kılıç in July 2016 in the direct aftermath of the failed coup against the government of President Erdogan. Kılıç, a columnist, was accused of being a follower… More

Emre Orman

In October 2019, Orman was arrested for online criticism of Turkey's invasion of southwestern Kurdistan. He was charged with spreading terrorist propaganda and released weeks later on appeal. Convicted… More

Writers at Risk Database

Bülent Şık

A writer and environmental activist, Şık was arrested in 2018 after he published the results of a government study on environmental pollution and carcinogens. The study found dangerous levels… More

Emre Soncan

Foreign military affairs correspondent and author Soncan was arrested in a purge of suspected followers of exiled preacher Fethullah Gülen, who was blamed for the July 2016 attempted coup.… More

Mümtaz’er Türköne

Police detained Türköne, a political scientist and columnist for the daily Zaman, as part of a broad purge of suspected followers of exiled preacher Fethullah Gülen following the attempted… More