Essam Al-Zamil

A well-known economist, Al-Zamil was detained in September 2017 for his criticism of Aramco, the Saudi national oil company, and its inflated valuation on the stock market. He was… More

Adel Banaima

Banaima, a lecturer at the University of Umm Al-Qura in Mecca and editor-in-chief of Jusoor Magazine, was arrested and detained without charge in September 2017. As of March 2018,… More

Fayez Bin Damakh

In September 2017, poet and reporter Bin Damakh was reported missing days before he was due to launch a TV news channel in Kuwait. Local press reports suggest he… More

Abdulrahman Farhana

Farhana, a columnist who wrote on Palestinian and regional politics and Islamist political movements for Al Jazeera and other outlets, was detained in February 2019 without charge in an… More

Zuhair Kutbi

Kutbi was imprisoned in January 2019 as part of a crackdown on dissident journalists. He had already served 2 years from 2015-2017 on charges of “inciting against the state.”… More

Writers at Risk Database

Fahad Al-Fahad

Al-Fahad was arrested in April 2016 for and charged with violating Saudi cybercrime laws with tweets criticizing the Saudi criminal justice system and government corruption. He is currently serving… More

Hatoon Al-Fassi

On June 27, 2018, Al-Fassi was detained as a part of a crackdown on women's rights defenders. While Al-Fassi was provisionally released on May 2, 2019, she awaits trial… More

Maha Al-Rafidi Al-Qahtani

In September 2019, Saudi authorities raided Al-Qahtani's home and have held her in arbitrary pretrial detention since. As of January 2020, she was reportedly held in solitary confinement and… More

Mohammed Saud Al-Bishr

Al-Bishr, a professor and commentator on politics and religion, was arrested in October 2017. Human rights monitors report that he was arrested for commenting on excessive censorship in media.… More