Writers at Risk Database

Kirill Serebrennikov

Playwright and theater director Serebrennikov was placed on house arrest in 2017 for embezzlement and was convicted on June 26, 2020. The court handed him a three-year suspended sentence… More

Nizametdin Akhmetov

Poet and the first PEN Freedom to Write honoree, Akhmetov was arrested in 1966 on fabricated charges of theft for association with a movement advocating for the return of… More

Writers at Risk Database

Oleg Sentsov

After being arrested in Crimea, Ukrainian filmmaker was Sentsov given a 20-year sentence on terrorism charges in August 2015. Following 5 years in a Russian jail--including a hunger strike… More

Writers at Risk Database

Natalya Sharina

Sharina, head of the Ukrainian Literature Library in Moscow, was detained and put under house arrest in 2015 after authorities raided the library and found several Ukrainian nationalist works… More

Writers at Risk Database

Stanislav Dmitrievsky

In December 2012, a petition was filed against writer Dmitrievsky alleging his study on Chechnya was “extremist” in nature. In 2013, after expert evaluation of the study, the petition… More

Writers at Risk Database

Natalia Estemirova

In July 2009, journalist and human rights defender Estemirova was abducted by four gunmen on her way to work in Grozny, Chechnya. She was found dead in woodlands near… More

Writers at Risk Database

Alexey Kungurov

Siberian blogger Kungurov, who spent two years in prison for “justification of terrorism” from 2016-18, was arrested again in November 2019 for 15 days. He was accused of arousing… More

Writers at Risk Database

Grigory Pasko

Since 1997, Pasko has faced repeated charges of treason for his reporting. In 2016 while traveling to Barnaul train local journalists, Pasko was met with an aggressive pattern of… More

Roman Sushchenko

A Ukrainian journalist and artist who reported on Russian propaganda, Sushchenko was arrested in Moscow in September 2016 and sentenced to 12 years in prison for “spying.” He was… More