Carolina Barrero

Barrero is an exiled writer and art historian. She was arrested in April 2021 after being accused of “clandestine printing” after participating in anti-government protests. The charges were dropped… More

Rafael Vilches Proenza

Vilches Proenza is a novelist and poet whose work critical of the Cuban government. In 2021, he was briefly detained, interrogated, and threatened several times. In November, he was… More

Alejandro Guilleuma Ibáñez

Ibáñez was detained while demonstrating in Havana’s El Vedado neighborhood, along with other artists, in October 2022. He remains in detention with no clear information about his sentence, final… More

Didier Almagro Toledo

Almagro, a "contestatory" rapper using his music to protest the government and reflect on political topics, was arrested at his home by state security agents following a protest in… More