Writers at Risk Database

Abraham Jiménez Enoa

Journalist and essayist featured in Cuba en la encrucijada (Cuba at the crossroads), Jiménez Enoa was placed under 24-hour house arrest by state authorities twice, in August and December… More

Rafael Gabriel Almanza Alonso

Famed poet and Marxist intellectual Alonso has suffered political persecution for his openly anti-Castro views. Since he was first expelled from university in 1980, he has endured extreme censorship… More

Writers at Risk Database

Raúl Rivero

Rivero was arrested in a 2003 roundup of dissidents known as the Black Spring and sentenced to 20 years in prison. He was released in 2010 after multilateral talks… More

Maykel Castillo Pérez El Osokbo

Castillo Pérez faces frequent police harassment, including beatings and brief arbitrary detentions, for his activism and protest. He most recently was accused of aggravated contempt and spread of epidemics… More

Javier Moreno Díaz

In late 2018, Moreno Díaz, a poet, was repeatedly detained with other artists to prevent protests against the passage of Decree 349, which would require that all public exhibitions,… More

Francis Sánchez Rodríguez

A prolific author and founder of a magazine seen as a platform for free expression in Cuba, Sánchez faced government harassment and intimidation for decades in connection with his… More

Ángel Stantiesteban Prats

Renowned author Santiesteban has been subject to consistent harassment for his opposition to the Cuban regime on his blog. He was imprisoned from 2012-2017 for openly criticizing Raul Castro.… More

Writers at Risk Database

Yoani Sánchez

A blogger who gained widespread fame for her critical portrayal of daily life in Cuba, Sánchez was arrested in 2012 for her reporting on the death of dissident leader… More

Indamiro Restano Díaz

After two detentions in 1985 and 1991, Restano was arrested again in late 1991 and handed a ten-year prison sentence on charges of rebellion for organizing an opposition group.… More