Two Poems by Liu Xia

Recent translations by Jennifer Stern and Ming Di are a reminder that Liu Xia, under extralegal house arrest since October 2010, has not been forgotten. More

Never-Ending, Hidden Rules

I never celebrated my birthday when I was growing up, so I haven’t really given birthdays a lot of thought later in life. But last year, a group of… More

The Garbage Dump and Organized Crime

I passed up an invitation to attend the Nobel ceremony in Norway, heading home instead, because I’m accustomed, in a way, to being unfree: I’m a sewer rat, scurrying… More

Human Rights in Post-Olympic China

Hosting one Olympics cannot change the judicial system, the news system, or nature of the regime. China’s democratic progress needs the continued growth of civil rights awareness, continued spreading… More

Bizarre Freedom in a Divided Country

Over the past four years, China’s rulers have continued their harsh repression of free speech, arresting writers and dissidents, putting them under house arrest, harassing them, or making them… More