a fountain pen writes on a piece of paper; on top: PEN America logo and “Freedom to Write Index 2020”

Freedom to Write Index 2020

During 2020, at least 273 writers, academics, and public intellectuals in 35 countries were in prison or unjustly held in detention in connection with their writing, their work, or… More

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No Excuse for Abuse

Online abuse is a pervasive problem. In this report, PEN America recommends concrete, actionable changes that social media companies can make now to protect people facing online harassment. More

“A Safety Guide for Artists” and Artists at Risk Connection logo on left; on right: a series of colorful shapes

A Safety Guide for Artists

The Artists at Risk Connection’s Safety Guide for Artists is a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind tool to help artists navigate, counter, and overcome threats and persecution. More

A security guard looks at a billboard full of movie posters outside a Beijing theatre Friday, April 25, 1997. Chinese can now watch a wide selection of movies, ranging from locally produced communist propaganda films to Hollywood blockbusters.

Made in Hollywood, Censored by Beijing

The Walt Disney Studio, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and the Motion Picture Association declined to comment for this report or did not respond to requests… More

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Writers at Risk Database

PEN America's Writers at Risk Database is a searchable catalog of the writers, journalists, artists, academics, and public intellectuals under threat around the world. More

Losing the News: The Decimation of Local News and the Search for Solutions

Losing the News

Losing the News Executive Summary Recommendations Read the Full Report Read the Case Studies What You Can Do Local News on the Brink As local news outlets are gutted and shuttered, reporters laid off, publication schedules… More

PEN America's Campus Free Speech Guide

Campus Free Speech Guide

The Campus Free Speech Guide provides guidance to students, faculty, and administrators with the aim of keeping campuses open to ideas and perspectives. More