Bringer of Fire

“Bugs? You got me for fucking bugs?!” He savagely backhanded me and I fell to the floor, the taste of copper in my mouth. Standing over me he screamed… More

What She Knows

She gathers an empty bottle washed / ashore and tosses it far to sea. / It sinks, fills, becomes ocean, / I see through ages—it settles / by a… More

The Destitute

The / ceiling hovers like a heavy mist, / dark and putrid, thick and barbed, / chocking any head held high. More

Chessman’s Lunch

I poke at my salad, / sip water from a plastic cup / my corner fiefdom overrun now by strangers / a compromised rook / removed from the board More

2007 PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award for Poetry

WinnerPeter Covino, author of the poetry collection, Cut Off the Ears of Winter (2005), published by New Issues, and a finalist for the Publishing Triangle Thom Gunn AwardThe PEN/Joyce… More

2007 PEN/Phyllis Naylor Working Writers Fellowship

WinnerDiane Les Becquets, author of the forthcoming novel Genesis, to be published by Bloomsbury USAThe PEN/Phyllis Naylor Working Writer Fellowship, established in 2001, provides a writer with a measure… More

2007 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation

WinnerDavid Hinton for his translation from the Chinese of The Selected Poems of Wang Wei (New Directions) by Wang WeiThe PEN Award for Poetry in Translation recognizes book-length translations… More