Live Stream: They’re Watching Us: So What?

Is the same surveillance that is meant to protect us from danger also harming us? Are the NSA programs Edward Snowden has revealed inhibiting the way we think, speak,… More

Poet’s Sentence Upheld on Appeal

PEN continues to protest the detention of poet Mohammed Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami, whose 15-year sentence for “criticizing the ruler” and “inciting the overthrow of the ruling system” was upheld… More

Interview: Myanmar PEN’s Nay Phone Latt

PEN International's Sarah Clarke catches up with Nay Phone Latt at the Internet Governance Forum (IFG) in Indonesia to talk about the impact of the political changes in Myanmar… More

Back to Court on Surveillance

This past week, The New York Times revealed that the federal government has used evidence gathered by secret surveillance in criminal cases without disclosing the source of the information,… More

PEN Protests Kerim Yildiz’s Visa Delay

Kerim Yildiz, a British citizen and leading human rights advocate for the Kurdish people, has been waiting more than nineteen months for a visa to travel to the United… More