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The PEN Ten with Marge Piercy

Even very dangerous books are worth reading, if only to know my enemy. I don’t think anybody has the right to censor another person’s ideas. More

The M Word Stories: Hana Esa

Being a Muslim woman in America means defying misconceptions on a daily basis. My hijab is my superhuman cape. More

The Best We Could Do

I think a lot of Americans forget that for the Vietnamese the war continued, whether America was involved or not. More

Photo by Andrew Kovalev

The PEN Ten with Lidia Yuknavitch

I am against censorship. Freedom of expression is worth dying for, worth fighting for. But I am troubled by the relationship between our words and our deeds. More


“Everything was on fire….There were fingers of orange flame creeping through the grass on the backs, as though the fire were a living thing.” More