PEN Poetry Series

Once a week, the PEN Poetry Series publishes work by emerging and established writers from coast to coast. The series is edited by Danniel Schoonebeek, along with a rotating group of guest editors. Subscribe to the PEN Poetry Series mailing list and have poems delivered to your email as soon as they’re published. Submissions are currently closed, but please feel free to familiarize yourself with our submission guidelines. Due to the extremely high volume of submissions we receive for the series, we are unable to respond to each individual submission, though you are welcome to follow up with us at [email protected] about your submission. 

Four Poems by Duriel E. Harris

"Harris's liberatory poetics move between text on the page, visual meanings, and sound meanings. It is in the last category where the poems chosen this month live, where they… More

Bee Alliance

this day was meant for something else / burn the barn / horses hate them / fuck the barn / fuck the rancher and his barbed wire / shake… More

Replacement Songs

An experiment called soon / I’ll fall asleep in your pick-up / beyond the near grey mountains / smiling up at the moon and / here’s one called the… More

from Explosion Rocks Springfield

I remember the breeze right before… / Burs of—was it willow—slant-falling. / The gray sidewalk, schist granules, scattering. / A brown dumpster lid smushing its green plastic, sandwich meat.… More

Six Poems by Lucas de Lima

tree we imagine in memory of the slave who preferred / 200 lashes instead of fulmination / live blood running down the trunk instead of latex in the thorax… More


Grandmother’s story before it’s forgotten: her parents die young, / father first. When the widow realizes the illness will take her too, / she walks from house to… More

On Reset

Paul Valéry said something like: the purpose of poetry is to re-create the poetic spirit in the reader. That feels pretty right to me as a real reason I… More

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