By Deji Olukotun

PEN American Center announced today that Cameroonian poet and writer Enoh Meyomesse has been named an Honorary Member of PEN and launched a dynamic interactive timeline to draw attention to his case. You can take action to help.

On December 27, 2012, Meyomesse was sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of stealing and illegally selling gold. No witnesses or evidence were presented during the trial, and he was not allowed to testify in his own defense.

“Enoh’s true offense was to raise his voice in defense of fellow writers and to participate in the political process,” explained Freedom to Write and International Programs director Larry Siems. “We call upon the government of Cameroon to release Enoh and to allow him to exercise his universally-guaranteed right to freedom of expression.”
Enoh Meyomesse, 57, has published more than 15 books of poetry, prose, essays, and is a founding member and president of the Cameroon Writers Association. As an Honorary Member, Enoh is a priority case and will enjoy the full support and dedication of PEN American Center.

Our new interactive timeline tells Enoh’s story and is just one of many exciting new tools PEN will use in support of writers around the world. At the end of the timeline, you can take action for Enoh by using our easy letter-writing software to send a letter via email to Cameroonian authorities urging his release. Just fill in your name, email, city, state, and country, and hit send. It’s that easy. Only your name and country will be visible on the email. Feel free to edit the letter in your own voice, or send it as is.

You can make a difference.

Update: This timeline is no longer active; on April 27, 2015, Enoh Meyomesse was acquitted and released from prison.