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The PEN America at 100 exhibition celebrates the centenary of PEN America, 1922-2022. Our purpose is to highlight this significant milestone—100 years of existence—to convey the complex, inspiring, and powerful story of PEN America to as broad an audience as possible. What began in the aftermath of World War I as an international literary club with the intent of providing intellectual community among poets, playwrights, editors, essayists, and novelists has evolved into a consequential organization at the forefront of the global defense of free expression. Themes such as internationalism, censorship, and human rights inform this exhibition that explores PEN America’s considerable history and enduring mission to promote a diverse literary culture and protect the freedom to write.

PEN America at 100 will open July 2022.


The PEN America at 100 Patrons are supporters of this exhibition who have joined us in heralding the protection of freedom of expression and the extraordinary importance of the programs established to assist and support writers nationally and internationally. Donors to the exhibition will be recognized at the following levels.

The P.E.N. Club ($50,000+)

Paix Entre Nous Patrons ($20,000+)

Poets and Playwrights Group ($10,000+)

Editors, Essayists, and Novelists ($1,000+)

The 1922 Club (up to $1,000)



Bridget Colman • Lisa Kolosek

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