Information Highway Song
by Guram Urtkmelidze

I got lost on Information Highway,
When I looked for a simple and unsophisticated my way!
They did not tell us:
     Who are good fellas!
When did I want to feel your hair!
When did I smell that life could be fair!
    When did I see that that I couldn’t bear,
    When did I glance that justice is rare!
I just didn’t know all of these,
I just didn’t know that things are changed a hundred degrees!
      When did I come into the fortress of your eyes?
      When did I feel that my life is full of lies?!

I got lost on Information Highway,
And I looked for a simple and unsophisticated dry way!

When I was lost in the sea of crying letters,
They deliberated what was wrong and what was better!
      My dear, forgive me for my denial!
      I know, I must face another trial!
Darling, in the darkness of these shoes,
It is so difficult when you have to choose!
      I shall believe that world is wide,
      And we shall wit until the next tide!
Therefore, there’s nothing that we can hide,
There’s nothing that we can decide!
      Darling, you tell me, I shall come out,
      And I shall know, what this is about!

When I got lost on Information Highway,
I forgot that I was looking for a simple and unsophisticated  
My way!…

*Guram Urtkmelidze is one of the leading authors in Georgia.  He has published 4 books and more than 20 leading poems in different Georgian publications. He has won a number of awards in Georgia, the U.S., and other countries, but then suddenly he got lost on Information Highway. Our police department is still looking for him.