Here’s an amazing recording of poet Sandra Doller reading her poem “Memory of Prose Machine” at Drunken Boat. The recordings are full of ambient sounds so it’s like Doller is reading while passing through a Rube Goldberg contraption.

I had the pleasure of reading at Flying Object in Northhampton, Massachusetts a while back. They continue to host lots of mindbending readings and events. If you’re anywhere nearby you should go and enjoy the singularity of the space. If you live too far to visit, like me, they have a rad web site with lots of content. They just started a web poetry series. Here’s the first poem in the series, by Francesca Chabrier, which made me laugh for like five minutes.

The New Issues 2012 Green Rose Prize closes on Friday. If you have a manuscript of poetry and are an “established poet” I would definitely send it to the New Issues folks. They’ve done a bunch of great books by poets such as Jason Bredle, Justin Marks and Noah Eli Gordon. Also, they have a first book prize too, which closes on 11/30.

If you live in the Bay Area, there are two rad readings coming up. I will be at both. You should come, too:

1.) 10/7 at Studio One, Oakland, CA with Heather Christle, Brandon Downing, and Daniel Tiffany

2.) 10/9 at Book Zoo, Oakland, CA with Mark Leidner and Amanda Nadleberg

I was going to propose some kind of thesis as to why this link is related to poetry, but whatever.