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Free Expression Digest: Mon., Aug 24

PEN's Free Expression Digest brings you a daily curated round-up of the most important free expression-related stories from around the web. Subcribe here. *This mailing list is currently in… More

Free Expression Digest: Thurs., August 20

Sentence for Khadija Ismayilova expected tomorrow, Netzpolitik inquiry drags on in Berlin, whistleblower Chelsea Manning spared solitary confinement and more... More

Journalism, A Most Deadly Profession

The cases of Ruben Espinosa, Gao Yu, and Sandeep Kothari demonstrate the worrying power of governments to crush freedom of expression. Methods of silencing journalists have moved beyond rigged… More

Free Expression Digest: Weds., August 19

Bangladesh arrests 3 over murders of secular bloggers, censorship is China's response to emergencies, a profile on Eritrea's forgotten journalists, and more... More