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New Writing from China: A Preview of Glossolalia Issue 3

Glossolalia, PEN America’s translation magazine, released its third issue in the spring of 2017. We Agree on Nothing: New Writing from China features uncensored fantasy, micro nonfiction, and poetry from contemporary writers in mainland China. The following are select pieces from the magazine: a sci-fi story on invisibility from Han Song; Wang Xiaoni’s essay on student protestors that was cut from her book for being too politically sensitive; and poetry from Mu Cao, one of the few openly gay poets living and writing in China, and Chi Lingyun, a poet largely unknown in the English-speaking world. 

You can purchase this issue in print form, in digital form, or as part of a package series featuring all three issues of the magazine.

The Right to Be Invisible

When he woke up, the sun was gone and so were the stars. The entire universe had turned invisible. But just then, he saw all, and the truth was… More

Two Poems by Mu Cao

Your brain is stuffed with / garbage from books the System crams into you / Since grade school you’ve been mastering songs of praise / —Oh, you busy bees More