Beloved Readers:
Peering about this functionally effective concentration camp of Humanity, at the gigantic evils perpetrated against us/you as a people, A tax-paying people, by the designers of Penal Habitations in Washington and the Enforcers of the barbarically punitive house rules “Administration”; I who have the voice of one yet many, come unto you by way of the press, to tell the behind the scene story, that the press and the community receives not from the Administrations and their lackies, who have been most successful in clouding the minds of you the tax-payers with doctored accounts of what really takes place within the walls of prisons in general, but Illinois in particular.

I, take this stand by way of my writing, for the truth can and must be spreaded in order that those lies presently in circulation by the doings of the adversaries of Humanity and life as a whole can be annihilated, for only those lowly in in mentality will neglect and negate the conditions that are making him an instrument of evil, guided where—ever his evil minded launcher, launches him.
These perpetrators of evil against the Laws of Nature, have so flattered you the tax-paying public with physical feats of achievement in sports that you close your eyes and bury your conscious, while dreaming dreams of Happy men playing basket—ball, foot-ball, wrestling and boxing. Dreams of men joyously watching T.V, listening to phonographs and tape—players, while the truth go un—observed except by the experiencers and their beloved ones.

This is the time, This is the place and you are the people who if you are at all Humane in your approaches to life and believe in Justice, must assist in the total destruction of the evils of Statevill and all its sister institutions The fossil imprints of Statevilles horrors are easily dustable, so that the truth I speak for the over-whelming majority clearly testifies to the inhumanity and injustices excercised here with iron fists.
Let me state that it is clearly a Divine Sin, for any man to sit in judgement of another man and then incarcerate him to an un-natural existence in a cage, When God Almighty created everything, he created it in Freedom, man and animal alike.
Day and night cries of anguish soar over these walls, yet you seem to hear not, nor do you seem to see the hand-writing upon these walls of Suppression. These cries, cries forced by uniformed tormentors from the lips of us the tormented, are hearable even unto those who have stopped up their ears to hear not. These cries are not new to you, for they have been reported and suits filed in the courts, who assist in the cover-ups of the Administrations exceedment of its administering.

In this day while the administration is parading before you its sports gladiators, a mass building is in progress, the construction of a setting that horrifies all who are a part of its starring cast and those who will he permitted to see its x-rated showing.
This transformed Statesville is a Frankenstine dungeon, consisting of an endless series of tunnels, leading from one (1) end of the institution to the other end, tunnels which close off the natural sunlight and air, tunnels which are being manned by a new series of towers and cameras. Those of you who have ever wittnessed laboratory mice under testing, know that we are being treated in a like manner, the mice are caged in a series of tunnels and loops and then permitted to run along these tunnels and loops, if they reach the end without and deviations they are awarded, but if they make a wrong turn in the process, they are repelled by electrodes until they finally reach the testers desired destination. We the inmate population here at Stateville are the mice and the punitive measures used against us are mental electrodes.

Along these tunnels are manned the camera, which clearly informs all that the evil eyes of Big Brother is forever watching your prodded moves along the tunnels.

Each cell-house which is in violation of the Department of Health Regulations, are infested with roaches, rats and birds, and are extremely filthy, for no routine by which one is permitted to clean up their area exists, one (1) sweeps the trash of ones cell out onto the gallery when his door is opened for chow or work and the dust and dirt floats onto ones tray as part of ones meals. The Department of Health, states that it is un-sanitary and has ruled it a violation, for food to be served in any area where there are toilets and where people sleep, yet we are fed under these conditions. It’s nothing to eat ones meals while watching another man use the toilet, a most repulsive sight to behold while trying to eat.

With all the tax-payers monies being poured into the institutions, none of it is going towards the Healthful care of the inmates. Sure there is a ventless gym for those who want to add extra muscles to their arms and chest, everybody doesn’t desire extra muscles nor do all desire to play basket-ball, so of what value is all of it, when one is forced to live as if one (1) is a resident on skid row?

Each man is maybe given one (1) sheet that is sometimes, for sometimes he receive none. If ones clothes are dirty and sweaty, one is forced to just do with it even though there is a large laundry. Even with a large laundry there is no system set-up by which one is assured of clean laundry. The only function that the laundry fulfills in this day is the cleaning and maintaining of the administrations clothing and it is to hoot with clean sheets and clothing for the inmate population. If ones clothes are cleaned, one must clean them in the toilet (the toilet being an instrument of multiple use), or pay another inmate to smuggle them into the laundry and sneak and clean them.
Not only is it most difficult to get ones clothes clean, but it is difficult to get clothing period. Under-shirts, shorts and soxs the administration has exempted themselves from providing, yet you the tax-payers are paying them to provide us with these necessiates, so one finds many cases of men naked except for a tattered pair of pants and a shirt. If one needs sox, shorts and undershirts, he is forced to purchase these items from the commissary, for if one is at all given a pair of shorts and soxs and under shirt, it is made a present to him once a year.

With all the men laying up idle as Labor Surplus on what is termed a “Labor Pool”, there is no such thing as showers, even though there is a shower at the front of each gallery, but the men are denied access to them, which brings about another multiple purpose of ones toilet, one must wash oneself in the sink and toilet in order to keep up his personal hygienes, for only those assignments (shops) that maintain the institution are sometimes permitted showers.
You the tax-payers are being forced to pay taxes, taxes which are only being applied towards the lining of men pockets, who are the real thieves and murderers.

Sure you hear none of these things from the reporters and see none of these things on the camera-men cameras, because they desire not the truth when they make their visits into the institutions, for they permitt areas to be classified as off limits and permitt the administration to parade before their cameras and tape-recorders men who are lackies and filled with prepared praises for the administration, in sly little ways. You the tax—paying public have yet to see and hear from these men who are not afforded extra privileges to lie about the true conditions that exist here.

We are not asking to be treated as Kings, we merely ask that we be treated as men, beings of substance.

If you desire to see and hear the truth, demand that a full pledge investigation takes place here at Stateville and all the other psuedo rehabilitative centers across America, with inmate guides and not just a brass guide, who is going to show you only the braggable aspects of these institutions, and these spots are not very braggable if those who investigate the institutions, cease to permitt themselves to be flattered into shutting their eyes. Demand that these investigators be permitted to walk the galleries and talk to the men and not the lackies, for only in this way will you begin to see that, you are being robbed of your tax-paying dollars and only in this way will you begin to see the horrors of this house of Frankenstine. As there is a front and a back to all books with the story on the pages in between, so is there a front and a back cover to the book that tells the story about Stateville, so why continue to hear the one-sided story of the administration?
If you the public continue to permitt your eyes to be closed to the truth, then you will have to suffer the hostilities of these men who are being launched at you as human missles, programmed to kill and destroy, for Stateville returns to you not men, but robots, thoroughly programmed.

Ask yourselves what can be expected of men robbed of all their sensitivities and brain-washed into believing that all of life is against them? a robot does only that which he is programmed by his programmer to do and no more, unless it is programmed into him.

You the public justify closing your eyes to what takes place behind these walls and the administrations brutalizing of men and the rights of men, with the psuedo excuse, that gangs are causing trouble, without an understanding or trying to understand the definition of what constitutes a gang, the so-called gangs that are allegedly causing the trouble and what necessiates gangs.
To assist you in your understanding of these matters, I’ll start by pointing out that all dictionaries agree that a gang is any body of people. The police force is a gang, the armed forces is a gang (they gang-banged Africa, Japan, Korea and tried to gang-bang China and Cuba and are today assisting in the gang-banging of other countries).

The Senate is a gang, the Legislatures are a gang, the Judges are a gang, the President’s Cabinet is a gang, with the president as its chief as was seen in “Water-Gate”, and the Secretary of States as its War Council. So sure gangs are causing trouble,
but it’s the Administration Gang, who is gang-banging the inmates, as the Politicians are gang-banging the citizens.

Anytime there is a common-ness among people no matter where the people may be, people are going to gang up with those people who are in the same cycle of their life. So the Administration and Governments play on you of words about a gang problem, was designed with a distorted definition to deceive you, for if one is able to break up association by common-ness in life, then one is capable of destroying the psuedo gang dilemma.

To destroy gangs, is to deny all men the right of Freedom of association by choice. The youth gang dilemma inside the walls of the prisons is an institutional created myth, a myth that was necessary to be created in order that you the tax-paying citizens pockets could continue to be robbed by them, and anytime the administration feels they are in need of more money, one immediately sees the perpetration of disharmony in the ranks and files of the prison population and these perpetrators continue until a confrontation is forced, so whose the blame, the perpetrator or the perpetrated?

Envision yourselves as improbable as a many of you would like for it to seem that you will ever be the incarcerated. Envision yourself denied excess to showers, clothing and bed materials; envision yourself being prodded down tunnels, keeping to the right of a narrow yellow line. Envision yourself constantly watched by cameras; envision yourself sitting down to eat out of filthy trays because the state institution won’t buy detergents and will merely run the trays and spoons through a washer. Envision yourself sitting down to eat at tables specked with birds waste and having to brush roaches off the table and wave the birds away. Envision yourself eating and having dirt sweeped down onto your food and having to watch another man using the toilet while you try to eat. Envision yourself having to go without or buy shorts, under-shirts and soxs because the tax-payers monies is being used to line the pockets of corrupt administrators. Envision yourself always tensed with fear and frustration because there is a tower sitting in the center of the cell-house manned by a man who after having an argument with his wife or next door neighbor the previous night, decides to take his anger out on the prison population by launching one (1) or all of the twenty (20) gas grenades centered around the towers in each cell house. Envision yourself being visited by loved ones and having your visitors harrassed by perverts, who want your visitors to strip in some eases and submitt then selves to a search of their private parts or having their private parts fondled by other women or men; they aren’t under arrest or are they? Envision yourself having to strip and having to finger your private parts before being permitted your visit, whom you have to embrace with un—clean hands.

Envision yourself taking sick and being refused medical treatment unless you have fallen out dead or near dead. Envision yourself in these situations, and then you can better understand the frustration of the men incarcerated.
Time and time again you have read in your papers and heard over the radios and T.V,’s about the implementation of “Behavior Modification”, hut you still in this day do not take the threat seriously and I’m inclined to believe that it won’t be until the full affects of this horror hits you in the face, that you will begin to try to destroy it, but by then it will be like cancer in its maturity, uncurable and resulting in death.
I, as an inmate in behalf of all inmates across the world, beg of you the public to destroy this monster (prison) that destroys men, before it is too late, You all felt the tragedy of Attica but obviously not deep enough, for you are permitting with your dollars for another Attica tragedy to take place in one or all of her sister institutions and believe me that it is inevitable, for man as beast tires of oppression and rises up against that which is oppressing them. And believe with all of your heart that the next tragedy will be three-folds that of Attica, because those who will be dying will be the young who now populate the prisons, ranging from sixteen (16) to twenty two (22) which is now the average age of those incarcerated.
Open your eyes and see the hand-writing on the walls, for the prophesy is true, another Attica is going to explode, Open your ears and hear our screams now while it’s not yet too late, Put your body in motion for the fuse is burning short,
(Let us pull together)
Pamoja Tutashinda!
( Together we shall win)
My heart cries for you, because of silentness.