Spring has sprung.

And we’re thinking about body again. When and how to walk it out into the sun and how to care for it.

We’re wondering what it is like to be a poet who cares for bodies daily, like W. C. Williams, MD and C. Dale Young (congrats on that Guggenheim!)

From Boulder, we are hearing from Bhanu Kapil about what it means to be both dead and never-living. And lilac and apple blossoms.

From San Francisco, we hear from our touchstone Diane di Prima, who dreams of time and tells us there is still more work to be done. Amber Tamblyn has been fundraising to cover di Prima’s healthcare expenses. Please help! And check out Melanie La Rosa‘s great new movie about her, “The Poetry Deal: A Film With Diane di Prima.”

Haunting the West is Kathy Acker, whose birthday it is today. Remember her (body) in need and in film. Happy birthday.

Since it’s spring, direct poets with emergent emergencies to PEN’s own Writers’ Emergency Fund, and Poets in Need.

It’s spring. If you’re in New York, take a poetry walk in the East Village guided by Jim Jarmusch. Or recap Spring Training with Occupy Wall Street.

Take a copy of Camille T. Dungy’s Black Nature anthology with you.

This spring you could also support Belladonna* Press, the publishers of kari edwards and Akilah Oliver, who are inquiring about women writers’ material lives with a series of events & readings.

You can come out to the Poetry Project’s Spring Benefit, with Thurston Moore, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, erica kaufman, John Zorn & Dana Ward.

Or go to the Poetry Off The Page festival at the University of Arizona, where they’ve recently also remembered the poet Morgan Lucas Schuldt.

You can consider Patricia Smith on palsy and Danielle Pafunda on autoimmune disorder. We often go back to what Reginald Shepherd wrote on poetry and illness.

And when you are fully in your body, take it out into the sun. We did, today; and we discovered that spring begets longing, like a rash! In fact, we felt a bit like kissing a deer as we both nibble on a blackberry. Guess spring and all is lyrical.