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Indie Lit Fair, Vol. Four


The Indie Lit Fair, presented by the Community of Literary Magazine and Presses (CLMP) and the PEN World Voices Festival, has been a highlight of the Festival for the past four years. This year, we are delighted to partner with Mary Gannon, Executive Director of CLMP and present a virtual edition in a series of weekly installments highlighting the work of poetry presses, fiction and creative nonfiction publishers, and literary magazines. Join us in supporting independent publishing, an industry that has been hit with particular force by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Indie Lit Fair showcases the breadth of independent magazines and presses our country has to offer. Collectively, they form the bedrock of the literary ecosystem, fostering an environment where writers and their work can flourish. From magazines that highlight voices from local communities, to presses that present books from other countries to U.S. readers, to publishers that focus on specific subjects and genres, their success is marked by the diverse array of voices they bring forth into the culture at large. Browse below and take advantage of the exclusive promotional offers extended to the PEN World Voices community.

Ayin Press

Ayin Press is an artist-run publishing platform, production studio, and research collective rooted in Jewish culture, emanating outward. We create and support work at the intersection of political imagination, speculative theology, and radical aesthetics. Whether online or in print, we are committed to celebrating the margins and growing edges of community and consciousness through a diverse range of interdisciplinary, multimedia, and experimental works and projects.

Promotion: Buy Woven at 15 percent off from June 1 to September 1! Use the discount code Sale2020.

Website: ayinpress.org

Ayin Press, Woven Cover

The Baltimore Review

Founded in 1996, The Baltimore Review is an independent nonprofit organization publishing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in quarterly online issues and an annual print compilation. BR editors have Baltimore-area roots but publish writers from everywhere. BR editors come to the table with varying ages, educational backgrounds, occupations, life experiences, and submission preferences. They all want to publish writers who demonstrate skill with language, who can make music and magic, who can make us feel the different experiences of others and what we have in common—and sometimes, who provide us with a much-needed escape.

Coming this summer: Baltimore Review 2020, the print compilation of the Summer and Fall 2019 and Winter and Spring 2020 online issues. The annual compilations can be purchased through our website and Amazon.

Website: baltimorereview.org/index.php and baltimorereview.org/index.php/print-issues

Baltimore Review Cover


Belladonna* promotes the work of women and feminist writers who are adventurous, experimental, politically involved, multi-form, multicultural, multi-gendered, impossible to define, unpredictable, and dangerous with language.


1. Belladonna Spring 2020 Bundle: $30
Bundle including Matters of Feminist Practice, Volume 1; Frames by S. Brook Corfman (Chaplet #256); BC by Jasmine Gibson (Chaplet #257); and a white canvas Belladonna* tote. Chic blood orange scarf not included. $40 value.

2. Preorder August 2020 New Titles:  $25
Forthcoming August 1 from Belladonna*! A Brief History of Burning by Cait O’Kane and : once teeth bones coral : by Kimberly Alidio. Preorder both for the bundle price of $25, and get them shipped out to you as soon as they arrive from the printer. $34 value.

3. Chaplet Subscription Summer Sale: $70
Purchase a 2020/2021 Annual Chaplet Lover’s Subscription and receive all our forthcoming chaplet publications (12 to 15 chaplets) in Fall 2020 (shipped in December 2020) and Spring 2021 (shipped in June 2021). We’ll also send you a bonus back catalog chaplet as a gift just for subscribing. Check out the full list on our Chaplets page, and write to us at belladonnaseries@gmail.com to let us know which one you’d like! $100 value.

Website: belladonnaseries.org

Belladonna Covers

Black Ocean

From early silent films to early punk rock, Black Ocean brings together a spectrum of influences to produce books of exceptional quality and content. We believe in the fissures that art can create in consciousness when, even if just for a moment, we experience a more vital way of operating in the world—and through that moment then seek out more extreme and enlightened modes of existence. We believe in the freedom we find through enlightened modes of existence, and we are committed to promoting artists we firmly believe in by sharing our enthusiasm for their work with a global audience.

Promotion: Get both of our Spring 2020 titles in translation for over 20 percent off cover price, plus FREE shipping!

Website: blackocean.org/catalog1/whale-violence-book-bundle

Black Ocean Covers

Broadsided Press

Broadsided Press, founded in 2005, publishes monthly original collaborations between writers and visual artists. Subscription is free to all. These “posters” are designed to be printed at home on letter-sized paper, and the goal is to encourage people to become local arts activists by posting the broadsides in their communities’ public spaces.

Promotion: At Broadsided, we don’t sell anything, but we’d love to GIVE you our broadsides digitally, and we’d love to feature your stories of sharing them in your communities. Check our Instagram at @broadsidedpress.

Website: broadsidedpress.org and bookshop.org/lists/broadsides-to-books

Broadsided Press

Cave Wall

Cave Wall is an independent poetry journal that publishes one to two issues a year, each of which features black-and-white fine art. A family-run journal (our seven-year-old now makes the phone calls to let a poet know of their acceptance), we have been publishing for 13 years, and poems from our pages have been chosen for the Best American Poetry, Best New Poets, and Pushcart Prize anthologies, as well as Poetry Daily and Verse Daily. We read submissions blind and are as excited to publish new voices as well as established ones. Basically, we just love to fall in love with poems and send them farther into the world.

Summer Subscription Drive Promotion: The first 25 people to purchase a four-issue subscription before July 31 will be invited to send in a poem for feedback from a Cave Wall editor or contributor. Click here to take advantage of this offer: $28 for four issues, plus feedback on a poem!

Website: cavewallpress.com/index.html

Cave Wall Cover

Creature Publishing

Creature Publishing was founded on a passion for feminist discourse and horror’s potential for social commentary and catharsis. Seeking to address the gender imbalance and lack of diversity traditionally found in the horror genre, Creature is a platform for stories that challenge the status quo. Our definition of feminist horror, broad and inclusive, expands the scope of what horror can be and who can create it.

Promotion: 10 percent off all Creature titles.

Website: creaturehorror.com/books

Creature Publishing Covers

Fonograf Editions

Existing to marry sound and word in all possible permutations, Fonograf Editions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit literary record label and press based in Portland, Oregon. Each release is available in multiple formats, with a particular focus on the tangible artifact, be it a book or record. Through hosting events and performances, Fonograf additionally hopes to cultivate the performative aspect of all language, whether at a concert, poetry reading, or community forum. Devoted to bringing literary-influenced albums and musically-influenced books to both print and audio formats, Fonograf is one of the only entities of its kind in the United States.

Promotion: 10 percent off our entire catalog for the whole summer!

Website: fonografeditions.com

Fonograf Editions Covers

Frayed Edge Press

Frayed Edge Press is a small independent publishing house based in Philadelphia. We publish literary fiction and poetry, as well as nonfiction titles in history and political science. We especially welcome marginalized voices, both historical and contemporary, including women, people of color, ethnic and religious minorities, the LGBTQIA+ community, and progressive political viewpoints. We particularly seek to publish works that wrestle with important questions challenging contemporary society, including political and environmental concerns, civil rights, women’s rights, and sustainability. We publish interesting books that are a bit on the fringe.

Promotion: 15 percent off all Frayed Edge Press non-sale items bought through our Parlew Distribution online store. Use the code INDIESUMMER20 at checkout to receive your discount. Valid through the end of August 2020.

Website: frayededgepress.com

Frayed Edge Press Covers


Futurepoem is an award-winning New York City-based publishing collaborative dedicated to presenting innovative works of contemporary poetry and cross-genre literature by emerging and underrepresented writers. Futurepoem’s open reading period each fall invites a rotating panel of distinguished guest editors to select two new books each year. Our new Other Futures Award (submissions open May 15–July 1) selects a new full-length work by writers at any stage in their career and is chosen by our core staff editors. Futurefeed, our digital blog platform, hosts virtual writing residencies, interviews, and essays by innovative writers that we admire.

Promotion: For the 2020 Indie Lit Fair, we are offering 20 percent off three of our recent publications: Near, At by Jennifer Soong, G by Emmalea Russo, and NOS (disorder, not otherwise specified) by Aby Kaupang and Matthew Cooperman.

Website: futurepoem.com


Gold Line Press

Created by a group of students in 2010, Gold Line Press aims to promote the work of emerging writers of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, as well as to promote and elevate the chapbook form. The Gold Line Press editorial board does not adhere to any specific aesthetic approach. We seek out voices that deserve to be heard by a larger audience, whether those voices speak in formal or experimental verse and prose.

Our chapbooks are created with the intention of producing an elegant, perfect-bound book that is also an art object. Overall, our goal is to showcase exceptional emerging writers and reward them not only with publication, but also with broad distribution of their work to reviewers. While most chapbooks have received only limited exposure in the past, our aim is to make the chapbook a more relevant medium and a truly useful tool for new writers who want to bring their work to a broader audience.

Promotion: Preorder the 2018 Gold Line Press winning chapbooks for $10. They include All We Ask Is You To Be Happy by Angie Sijun Lou, Ronnie Spector in Rock Gomorrah by M. Delmonico Connolly, and Best American Short Stories 1988.

Website: dornsife.usc.edu/goldlinepress/gold-line-catalog

Gold Line Press Covers

Green Writers Press

Green Writers Press is a Vermont-based, global publisher founded by writer and environmental activist Dede Cummings to incorporate and facilitate the gift of words to help foster a sustainable environment. At Green Writers Press, it is our mission to spread a message of hope and renewal through the words and images we publish. We print our books using only FSC-certified papers. Our literary magazine, The Hopper, run by Jenna Gersie, is a lively environmental literary magazine. The poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art, ecocriticism, and interviews that we publish are all paths toward an invigorated understanding of nature’s place in human life and are part of a new phase in nature writing and art that seeks to include a modern consciousness in narratives of place.

Promotion: Green Writers Press is offering 20 percent off our next print (2020) Issue V of The Hopper literary magazine for friends of the PEN World Voices Festival. To sign up for this discount, email us directly at dede@greenwriterspress.com.

Website: hoppermag.org/in-print

Green Writers Press

North Carolina Literary Review

The North Carolina Literary Review publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and interviews by and with North Carolina writers—literary legends and new and rediscovered voices that comprise the rich literary culture of the Old North State. The annual print issue is released and distributed in the summer by the University of North Carolina Press. NCLR Online is published in the winter, featuring reviews of recent North Carolina literature and finalists from our writing contests. To receive the annual print issue, subscribe via UNC Press.

Promotion: NCLR is offering a free 25th issue with the preorder of our 2020 issue from any independent bookstore. To preorder NCLR 2020, tell your bookseller it is available from UNC Press and its distribution company Longleaf Services with ISBN 978-1-4696-6002-8 ($15 paperback). Then email a copy of your bookstore receipt to NCLRUser@ecu.edu. (If you already have the 25th issue, how about the first issue? The 10th anniversary? The 20th? Include your preference in your email.) Find the full tables of contents for the 25th and 2020 issues on our website at nclr.ecu.edu.

Through June, NCLR is also offering 25 percent off all orders of $10 are more.

Purchase from our online store and enter FISCAL25% at checkout to save.

The North Carolina Literary Review Covers

River Styx

River Styx began in the early 1970s when a group of poets and musicians began reading and jamming together in various St. Louis, Missouri apartments. The first issue of River Styx magazine, printed on a lithographic press and collated by hand, hit the streets in 1975. Ever since, we have continued our journey of publishing accessible but smart and emotionally engaging literature, and doing so with neither the budget nor the fetters of a university or other large institution. River Styx has consistently been among the first to publish some of the most important writers of our time, from United States Poets Laureate and Nobel Laureates, to National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winners. We are also deeply involved in our local community, hosting a monthly reading series and presenting numerous writing workshops and outreach events at schools, libraries, and other community organizations.

Promotion: Buy a one-year subscription, and we’ll send you our most recent issue right away for free.

Website: riverstyx.org

River Styx

Swamp Ape Review

The Swamp Ape is a legend that reflects the liminal space of South Florida—its mythology and its weirdness—as well as the human desire to create a narrative around what we can’t explain. The Swamp Ape is an emblem for the othered and the alien. Across all genres (especially our Swamp genre), you will find pieces of a hybrid or non-traditional nature—works that subvert our expectations of both content and form, and unsettle our assumptions of what is possible. Alongside our South Florida Feature, dedicated solely to South Florida writers and artists, we are proud to publish writing and art from across the country. In our 2020 print issue, we are proud to publish Megan Milks in our signature Swamp genre, and place South Florida poets center stage in this issue’s South Florida Feature.

Website: swampapereview.com

Swamp Ape Review Cover

About the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP)

CLMP ensures a vibrant, diverse literary landscape by helping mission-driven independent literary magazines and presses thrive. We provide publishers with funding and technical assistance; facilitate peer-to-peer learning and group action; serve as a dependable, essential hub for best practices, resources, and nurturing community support; and build bridges to connect publishers with other groups of literary stakeholders, including readers, writers, booksellers, librarians, educators, presenting organizations, and funders. Along with directly serving 400+ member-publishers located in almost every state in the country, CLMP administers the Lit Mag Adoption program, which provides to educators and students discounted literary magazine subscriptions for use in the classroom; an annual Indie Lit Fair, featuring magazines and presses at the PEN World Voices Festival; the Literary Writers Conference, a two-day professional development event for writers held every December in New York City; and the annual Firecracker Awards for Independently Published Literature, which celebrates magazines and books that make a significant contribution to our literary culture. To learn more about CLMP, visit clmp.org.

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