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U.S. House of Representatives passes legislation intended, among other things, to help address spread of fraudulent news by imposing regulations on political ads online. Mexican journalist Emilio Gutierrez-Soto is to be deported back to Mexico under a new court order, despite dangerous conditions in Mexico for reporters, prompting fears of retaliation for him if he returns home. (See PEN America’s work supporting Soto and press freedom in which we filed a support brief in his immigration case.) Facebook bans advertisements on its platform that include misinformation about vaccines as part of an effort to reduce spread of ‘vaccine hoaxes.’ First Amendment scholar at University of Chicago, once a staunch advocate for free expression in the classroom around use of the n-word, shifts his view after engaging with students about the controversial topic. -Nora Benavidez, Director of U.S. Free Expression Programs

The most pressing threats and notable goings-on in free expression today


U.S. House Passes Bill Aimed at Political Ads Online and Other Transparency Issues
Another key campaign finance provision would require nonprofit “dark money” groups that engage in political activity to disclose their large donors—a provision that has generated opposition from the American Civil Liberties Union and other advocacy groups who argue that disclosure could chill free speech.

Mexican Journalist Emilio Gutierrez Soto, Son Again Ordered Deported despite Asylum Plea
A Mexican journalist has again been ordered deported from the United States despite his fear that his past stories about corruption make him a target in one of the world’s most dangerous countries for reporters.

Facebook to Ban Anti-Vaxx Ads in New Push against ‘Vaccine Hoaxes’
Facebook will no longer allow advertisements that include misinformation about vaccines as part of an effort to reduce the spread of “vaccine hoaxes” on the platform, the company announced.

A Free Speech Purist Opts Not to Use the N-Word
“This is really important—this is not about censorship, or about anybody telling me what to do or not to do,” said law professor Geoffrey Stone. “This is something on which students have enlightened me. And that’s great.”


On International Women’s Day, These Female Journalists and Activists Are behind Bars
From China and Iran to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, female journalists and activists who were detained for speaking out against their governments or shedding light on human rights violations have been jailed.

The Digital Gender Gap Means African Female Activists Get Disproportionately Trolled
“There remains a significant gap when it comes to phone ownership between men and women in developing countries. This ultimately leads to disproportionate outcomes in how female African activists are targeted online.”

Malaysia Denounced over Detention of Egyptian President’s Critics
Human rights organizations have criticised Malaysian authorities for detaining four Egyptians critical of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi with the intention of returning them to Egypt.

Hundreds Protest Hong Kong Student’s Expulsion from University in Row over Free Speech
More than 200 protesters gathered at a Hong Kong university to condemn the expulsion of a student defending free speech, in what was seen as another incremental sign of eroding freedoms in the Chinese-ruled city.

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