Below is a listing of organizations offering health-care access to writers and artists. These resources are not administered directly through PEN, and those interested should contact the organizations directly for specific details.

Actor’s Fund
(212) 221-7300
Through its Health Insurance Resource Center, this organization has been connecting entertainment workers to health-care plans since 1998. See website for details:

American Association of Retired People Health Care Options
(1-800) 444-6544
Offers health-care packages for AARP members depending on age. Membership is limited to persons over the age of 50. Costs of plans vary depending on applicant’s state of residency. See website for details:

American Society of Journalists and Authors 
(212) 997-0947
Membership benefits include access to a selection of affordable plans offered by several providers. To be eligible for membership, applicants need to have published at least two nonfiction books or six full-length, by-lined articles on a freelance basis. See web site for details:

Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center
(800) 798-8447
Provides a state-by-state health insurance database, especially for artists, low-income people, seniors, and children:

College Art Association Group Insurance Plan
(212) 691-1051
The association offers complimentary associate membership in Fractured Atlas, which gives free access to low-cost healthcare options. Membership fees are based on income level:

Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington
(202) 638-2406
Provides health insurance to members in the Washington, D.C., area. Membership is $75 annually and is open to anyone. HMOs, PPOs, and point-of-service plans are offered through Kaiser and George Washington University. Rates vary based on the plan:

Editorial Freelance Association
(212) 929-5400
Provides health insurance at discounted rates to members. Membership fees vary according to state of residency. More information online: and here:

Fractured Atlas
(212) 277-8020
National arts organization provides health-care options for its members. Plans differ by state but all 50 states are represented: and

Freelancer’s Union
(718) 222-1099
Health insurance plans available to members living in the New York area. Membership is free and open to the general public. See web site for details: and here:

Kids Now
(877) 543-7669
Children age 18 or under may qualify for free or low-cost government health coverage. The plan pays all or most of the cost of doctor visits, medical equipment, dental and eye care, hospitalizations, prescriptions, and other medical expenses. In most states, uninsured kids whose parents earn $34,100 or less (for a family of four) are eligible. For more information, check online:

Media Bistro Avant Guild
(212) 389-2000
Avant Guild is’s premium membership association, available to join for anyone who works with media content. Benefits include health insurance, financial planning services, tax services discount and dental savings among other things. For more information, visit:

National Association for the Self-Employed
Membership organization that provides access to health insurance for the self-employed. See web site for details:

National Writers Association Health insurance available through Med Choice One, LLC
(303) 841-0246
Dental through AmeriPlan or Direct Dental Plans of America, Inc. Must meet membership requirements and pay yearly dues to qualify. See web site for details:

National Writer’s Union
(212) 254-0279
Health, dental, and vision plans available to applicants who have been members of the NWU for over 90 days. Must meet membership requirements. See web site for details:

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
(888) 477-2669
Uninsured or underinsured patients can get prescription medications free or nearly free through the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA). Patients gain access to more than 475 public and private patient assistance programs that offer some 2,500 medicines, including a wide range of generics:

RBA Insurance Strategies
(888) 722-8121
Provides insurance consultation for artist associations as well as the self-employed:

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
(323) 782-1010
Offers eligible members health insurance through TEIGIT. To become a full member, applicants must have at least one children’s book published. See web site for details: and

SPAWN Health Plan
(818) 886-4281
The SPAWN Health Plan is an alternative to traditional health insurance. This plan is not insurance. It is a discount supplemental health benefits program. All pre-existing conditions are covered. There is no waiting period, no age limit, and no deductible. For more information, visit:

Working Today
(718) 222-1099
National nonprofit freelancer’s union offers independent workers in any industry three group-rate health insurance plans through the Health Insurance Plan of New York:

Writer’s Guild of America
(323) 951-4000
Health insurance available for members. To become a member, applicants must meet extensive eligibility requirements found on the web site: