“Give me the money!”
I thought he was my homie, I guess not!
He fucked me over one day after class.
In the store
He screamed
“Give me the money!”
I was so shocked I couldn’t move
All I thought was…
“Damn I’m such a fool!”
The owner passed the money
An old lady came in
How could I…
Do such a thing with those eyes staring at me.
She screamed
“Call 911!”
My homie ran
But my feet stuck to the floor
And I couldn’t move. I couldn’t bear to think
“Damn I’m such a fool!”
The cops on their way.
I think …
My mom is in my head, she’s crying.
She says
“You broke my heart.”
I was dying.
I was scared.
The cops got my friend…
And they got me too.
I could have run but I couldn’t move.
He said it was my fault,
That I planned it all.
I wished it was a dream.
But everything went wrong.
Instead of right …
Because my homie fucked me over one day after class.