October 27, 16

A / saboteur is someone who drags / their feet / The word is taken from the late / eighteen hundreds, from the French / slang sabot for someone with their head / in the clouds, all thumbs / and shitty shoes. So saboteur doesn’t really / rhyme with...Read More  »

October 20, 16

I like depressive because it’s both adjective and noun, a depressive person or just a depressive. A state of being that is fixed, a relation to the world, a point to which one may return. Better than “depressed” which seems temporary, like being “...Read More  »

October 12, 16

Every day my body more angry / Waiting for some part of the mystery / To dispense itself / On the bus, buying groceries / Saying small lies / Soothing them into your narrative / If it’s no one’s fault / The lake has to hold it Read More  »

October 5, 16

Who to call when you get robbed // or hit with a bat. Who else to feed the dogs / of entropy & personal choice, the price // we pay to live decent, which / is to say, far from the stench // of the dead & the dying interlocked,...Read More  »

September 29, 16

because in those days / our boys / the boys that were a part of me / of my life / were the ones who went to the slaughter / to slaughter and be slaughter / the smallest most forgettable generation of us / or who came back from the war like Paul...Read More  »

September 22, 16

What this poet calls slippery, what I call smart. Like it matters, like I’m not / pulling rent money out of a dog’s ass. // I was wrong. I want everything. I want to be fucked like the wife who waited / for her soldier’s return, fucked: the island...Read More  »

September 15, 16

The I / the guy / retouched / like a billboard / or some kink / you crossed / the line / into bearded / disappearance / you know / that I would / serve the club / mortal and / corrupt Read More  »

September 7, 16

perhaps the limits of my erotic imagination are boring and predictable // but I will die grateful // for the adolescence I got to have offline // that pines sometimes obscured the view // was entirely the point Read More  »

August 31, 16

I’m not the same as myself // I’m not the opposite of myself // I’m downstream from the values of some ancient warrior class that got to decide what men and women are / Not that they knew they were doing it Read More  »

August 25, 16

These are the things I did with the stick: / chewed it, waved it to the sky, poked myself / in the eye, pretended it was a daisy, pretended / it was an orchid, a tulip, lily, cigarette, / made it into a gun and shot my brother, nudged my brother to...Read More  »


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