October 25, 16

"What I try to resist is the self-censorship that stops us even trying to write something. That to my mind closes down the possibility too soon. The decision point comes after the writing, not before." Read More  »

October 18, 16

"The writer is responsible for what he writes. I'm old fashioned and think that the writer is responsible for making us more responsible and keeping words alive so we can reply when we're asked about life. And death. I think the writer must never...Read More  »

October 4, 16

"You are naturally paying tribute to the dead and the living, because a poem is the vehicle of reciprocal tension between what came before and what is present." Read More  »

August 23, 16

"There are certain people who don’t encrypt their e-mail, so we just create a coding system. Perhaps we are talking about having lunch at a certain restaurant, when in fact we are talking about meeting to do NSA research. It is a way to use codes...Read More  »

August 16, 16

"I don’t think it’s the responsibility of writers to do anything. We do it anyway—out of consciousness, not responsibility." Read More  »

July 19, 16

Stephen Graham Jones is many things, among them an incredible writer and story teller, as well as a Blackfeet Indian. The momentum of his prose drags you through the aches and loves and nights and violences and hilarity and trash and so many cars...Read More  »

June 28, 16

"I can’t remember not wanting to be a writer. As a child I would write creative notes to my parents, and in school at an early age I would try to be inventive or funny in my written work—establishing a pattern of getting attention for my writing,...Read More  »

June 21, 16

"Writers are people, so we have political responsibilities that zigzag across the globe. If we are good at our craft, we have the additional burden of conveying information and fictions with clarity and beauty." —E. Tammy Kim Read More  »

June 14, 16

"As a writer for young adults it is my responsibility to tell the truth about the things I know and which I remember. Sometimes that means shining a light in the darkness. Sometimes it means extinguishing the light and revealing the darkness." Read More  »

May 31, 16

"Censorship of others is a form of violence. It is unacceptable unless the speech or information flow would somehow lead to worse violence." Read More  »


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