July 19, 16

There are disturbing signs of an intensified crackdown on freedom of expression, including online freedom and attacks on journalists by non-state actors in Turkey, following the attempted military coup on July 15, 2016, PEN said in a statement...Read More  »

July 15, 16

Charges of acquiring and divulging state secrets, membership of, and administration of a terrorist organization brought against five journalists, including four former members of Taraf newspaper’s editorial and investigative staff, must be dropped...Read More  »

July 15, 16

On June 27, without prior warning, Google disabled his blog and Gmail account of artist Dennis Cooper with a generic notification that he had violated Google¹s terms of service. PEN has joined Cooper’s calls for a prompt response from Google. Read More  »

July 11, 16

The news media’s role as the watchdog of democracy is vital. At a time of turmoil at home and abroad, with a pivotal election looming, the public’s need for information and interpretation is pressing. Read More  »

July 1, 16

PEN Haiti’s House of Writers hosted eight Dominican artists who visited the country in June as part of the broader AZUEI Artistic Movement, a binational effort that has emerged with a vision of catalyzing a culture of peace between the two...Read More  »

June 30, 16

July’s featured cases represent some of the horrifying consequences of simply expressing one’s sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), of working towards acceptance and understanding of individuals’ SOGI, and of producing or translating...Read More  »

June 28, 16

PEN is deeply concerned by the recent closure of Zambia’s leading independent daily newspaper. Read More  »

June 24, 16

PEN is seriously concerned by the threats received by award-winning journalist and author Héctor de Mauleón for a series of investigative reports he published in El Universal. Read More  »

June 23, 16

PEN has learned that blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu’s appeal against his sentence of five years and two months in prison on terrorism charges will be heard on July 6, 2016. Read More  »


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