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Freedom of the Press, Not Attacks and Intimidation

Stand with PEN America and our partners in demanding that presidential candidates of the Republican and Democratic Parties denounce attacks on journalists and uphold freedom of the press at their Parties’ national conventions.

Throughout the world, writers and journalists play a vital role in upholding democracy and ensuring the public’s right to information. Freedom of the press is protected by both the U.S. Constitution and by international law.

But during this year’s presidential campaign we have seen candidates and their supporters launch vicious insults and threats at journalists—excluding reporters and media outlets from access to campaigns, making hostile remarks and gestures toward individual journalists, and showing indifference toward harassment from supporters.

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To: Presidential Candidates of the Republican and Democratic Parties

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants journalists’ freedom of the press. Sadly, in this campaign we have seen journalists attacked and intimidated for their writing, their race, their religion, their sex, their cultural background, and an even for their physical disabilities. At your upcoming Party conventions, we call on you to uphold freedom of the press and end intimidation toward journalists.


This petition is now closed.

This petition is now closed.

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