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Three journalists murdered in two weeks in the Philippines
Filipino broadcaster Cosme Maestrado was shot dead on August 28, the third journalist murdered in two weeks in the Philippines. The radio presenter was shot 10 times by four gunmen in a street in Ozamiz City. Maestrado was known for his hard-hitting commentaries on local corruption and abuse of power. THE GUARDIAN
UN report promotes encryption as fundamental and protected right
UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression David Kaye’s report on international legal protection for encryption and anonymity highlights the importance of encryption at a time when some Western leaders are calling for ill-informed and impossible loopholes in technology – a trend that facilitates surveillance and tends to enable states that openly seek to repress journalists. CPJ
Vice News fixer hit with terrorism charges ‘over encryption software’
In Turkey, three staff members from Vice News were charged with “engaging in terrorist activity” because one of the men was using an encryption system on his personal computer which is often used by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a senior press official in the Turkish government has told Al Jazeera. AL JAZEERA
Turkey arrests more journalists, alleging ‘terrorist’ links to Erdoğan opponent
Turkish police have raided the Ankara-based offices of a media group critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a day after two British reporters were jailed on controversial terror charges. Six people were arrested and a warrant issued for the conglomerate’s chief executive, Akin Ipek, who was thought to be in Britain. AFP
China urged to free reporter detained for stock market story
On Monday, a state broadcaster showed financial reporter Wang Xiaolu confessing that he wrote a false report that “caused such a great damage to the country and stock investors.” Press freedom groups say China is seeking scapegoats for the collapse of a stock market bubble that was engineered by government policies. AP
#NoNosCallarán campaign fights for justice for journalists in Mexico
One month after the brutal murders of Veracruz journalist Rubén Espinosa and four others in Mexico City, activists continue to fight against impunity and for freedom expression. This week, a campaign using the hashtag #NoNosCallarán (We Will Not Be Silenced) took over social media and the front page of Mexican daily El Universal. KNIGHT CENTER FOR JOURNALISM
Indiana State Police won’t give up stingray records due to “terrorism” risk
A California-based privacy activist who has filed hundreds of public records requests to learn about how cell-site simulators known as “stingrays” are used nationwide had a request denied earlier this week by the Indiana State Police, who claimed that releasing the information is a possible risk to terrorism. ARS TECHNICA
Editorial: Uganda NGO bill will be blow for LGBT rights
The restrictive laws being imposed on NGOs, human rights organizations and campaign groups across the world raise serious concerns about the protection of free speech and expression. In Uganda, the NGO bill, due to be debated next month in parliament, will make NGOs advocating for LGBT rights illegal. THE GUARDIAN
Editorial: Salute Khadija Ismayilova, a press freedom hero jailed for her work
At a closed trial, the investigative journalist was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison on a cocktail of bogus charges. It is clear that she got under the skin of the Azerbaijani authorities with her determination to expose corruption at the highest levels of a government. She remains unbowed despite the sentence. THE GUARDIAN