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Jailed journalist Gao Yu’s health deteriorates *PEN Case List
A recent hospital check showed the health condition of China’s jailed veteran journalist Gao Yu has deteriorated yet again, with the normally spirited journalist saying she did not want to die in jail, said her brother on Tuesday. SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST

In Taiwan, three journalists arrested at student protest
Three journalists were arrested in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, on July 23, 2015 while covering a student protest, according to reports. Liao Chen-hui, a photographer for Liberty Times, Sung Hsiao-hai, a reporter for Coolloud Collective, and freelance reporter Lin Yu-yu were released without charge the following day, according to reports. COMMITTEE TO PROTECT JOURNALISTS

Moroccan authorities commit to giving satirist identity documents
Moroccan officials said on Tuesday July 28 that satirist Ali Lmrabet’s passport would be renewed immediately. Lmrabet had been holding a hunger strike in front of the UN’s Geneva offices since June 24 because of refusals to renew his identity documents. INDEX ON CENSORSHIP

Egypt’s timid press lashes out at harsh measures aimed at media, journalists
This month, Egyptian journalists didn’t roll over for authorities. In an unusual moment for this tightly controlled country, the media openly opposed a government initiative, one that would have jailed reporters who published information contradicting official statements about terrorism operations.

These are the secret code words that let you criticize the Chinese government
Chinese netizens are finding all sorts of creative ways to avoid the censors’ filters, coming up with a whole new vocab to talk about sensitive subjects. Many of them require only a slight tweak in tone to sound like something entirely different. THE WASHINGTON POST

Russia declares National Endowment for Democracy ‘undesirable’ under new law
Russian prosecutors on Tuesday moved to outlaw a prominent U.S. foundation, for the first time taking advantage of a new law designed to shut foreign groups deemed hostile to national interests amid a showdown with the West over Ukraine. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Petition to pardon Edward Snowden rejected by Obama administration
The White House responded to 168,000 signatories with its unwavering position that the NSA whistleblower should return to US to face espionage charges. THE GUARDIAN