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Kenyan journalist detained over writing about corruption
Kenyan police on Tuesday arrested a journalist who wrote about corruption, drawing accusations from media groups that the government is trying to trample free speech. Tom Mshindi, Editor-in-Chief of the biggest-selling Daily Nation newspaper, said senior reporter John Ngirachu was arrested in relation to an article questioning spending at the Interior Ministry. REUTERS

Serbian reporter ‘shot after surveillance officers stood down’
A former state security officer told the Slavko Curuvija murder trial that the prominent journalist was killed minutes after a security team was told to stop following him. “I heard from the duty chief that Curuvija was killed. I also found out that [security officer Milan] Radonjic cancelled all the [surveillance] measures before the murder,” Stevan Nikcevic, the former deputy chief of the Belgrade Security Service, said. BALKAN INSIGHT

Court rules against NSA phone data collection program
A federal judge on Monday reinstated an injunction against the National Security Agency’s wholesale collection of phone data, handing a victory to privacy advocates and reaffirming the legitimacy of their claims, namely that secret collection of data by the U.S. government is unconstitutional. THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

Baltimore police outraged over activist’s killing
Baltimore’s top cop expressed outrage Tuesday over the killing of a young father of three ‘doing all the right things,’ calling his murder an execution. Community activist and truck driver Kendal Fenwick, 24, was shot dead shortly after 6:30pm on Monday while retrieving something from his car. It was the city’s 295th homicide in 2015. NBC NEWS

Iran’s minorities use the Internet to overcome tensions
Activists in Iran are using online spaces to give voice to grievances with the central government. The growth of their many online campaigns and cultural organizations has taken place mainly because the government has been closing off other avenues for legitimate cultural and political expression within minority communities. GLOBAL VOICES

Nigerian activist’s effort to hold Shell accountable for oil spill unfulfilled
The military executioners didn’t want anyone to remember Ken Saro-Wiwa. After they hanged him, they dumped his body in an unmarked grave. Twenty years later, the name of the Nigerian activist has become a rallying cry for environmentalists worldwide as they challenge oil companies from Africa to the Arctic. THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Edward Snowden: The poet, the journalist, and the dissident
When asked about what privacy means to him at a recent Bard College conference, Snowden responded: “Privacy isn’t about something to hide. It is about something to lose. It is that safe space to act, think, and share, without prejudgement — without every idea, every utterance being tracked, recorded, and stored.” THE NATION