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Turkish police detain two dozen journalists after closing pro-Kurdish daily
Turkish police have detained at least 24 people working for a pro-Kurdish newspaper since it was banned this week on suspicion of supporting Kurdish militants. The detentions bring the number of imprisoned Turkish media workers to 99, making Turkey the world’s biggest jailer of journalists. REUTERS

Teenage blogger trial part of Singapore’s efforts to erase criticism
The upcoming trial in Singapore of teenage blogger over posts he made on his Facebook page and comments in his blog is deeply worrying and a sign of the increased criminalization of expression in the country. UN HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICE OF THE HIGH COMMISSIONER

Zimbabwe police break up protest with tear gas, water cannon
Zimbabwe police have fired tear gas and water cannons to break up protests in the capital Harare for the second time this month. Anti-government protests have become common in this troubled southern African country amid frustrations over a rapidly deteriorating economy.

Mexican journalist leaves the state of Veracruz because of threats
Threats and abuse against Noé Zavaleta led the Mexican journalist to leave the state of Veracruz. Zavaleta said that he has been a victim of harassment on the internet, threats on social media and attempts of intimidation since the release of his book critical of the the Veracruz government. KNIGHT CENTER FOR JOUNALISM IN THE AMERICAS

China intellectuals sue over magazine, former editor loses appeal
A group of Chinese intellectuals sued on Tuesday over what they say is a leadership coup at a leading liberal magazine, Yanhuang Chunqiu, as a former editor lost an appeal against a ruling ordering him to apologize for doubting details in a tale of wartime heroism. REUTERS

Journalist facing death penalty in Bangladesh ‘could die within months’
Family revealed that an 81-year-old British journalist, Shafik Rehman, may die in a Bangladeshi jail before he has even been sentenced. Accused of plotting to murder the son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Mr Rehman has been receiving hospital treatment for chest pains since he was detained four months ago and is diabetic. INDEPENDENT