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Followers of murdered Pakistani activist say they will not be silenced
The followers of Pakistani rights activist Khurram Zaki, who was murdered for his daring campaigns against extremists, say they are determined to continue risking open confrontation with some of the country’s most feared Islamist and sectarian groups. Friends of Zaki have continued to try to force the police to take action against preachers who flout the country’s anti-extremism laws. THE GUARDIAN

Honduras gay rights activist kidnapped and murdered
Gay activist Rene Martinez was kidnapped on Wednesday and his body was found two days later in a nearby neighbourhood. The activist had served as President of of San Pedro Sula-based rights group Comunidad Gay Sampredrana, and worked for an anti-violence programme developed alongside the US Agency for International Development. PINK NEWS

More African countries are blocking internet access during elections
Last week, Ghana, widely acknowledged as one of Africa’s role models for best democratic practice, caught democracy watchdogs off guard when the country’s police chief announced the government intends to shut down social media on voting day in November. While it is a surprise Ghana is making this move, it has become more common for several other African countries to curtail the use of social media and the right to free speech around elections. QUARTZ

Young activist shows anger at Egypt’s courts
When 22-year-old Egyptian activist Sanaa Seif was summoned for questioning on accusations of inciting protests, she refused to answer the investigating judge’s questions, stating that the courts and prosecutors all follow the will of the government. She was charged with insulting a government employee and was convicted and sentenced to six months in prison. ABC NEWS

Secret U.K. spying report warned of intelligence failure
A secret report warned that British spies may have put lives at risk because their surveillance systems were sweeping up more data than could be analyzed, leading them to miss clues to possible security threats. The concern was sent to top British government officials in an explosive classified document, which outlined methods being developed by the United Kingdom’s domestic intelligence agency to covertly monitor internet communications.

Hong Kong teen activist acquitted over 2014 China protest
A Hong Kong court on Tuesday acquitted teen pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong of obstructing police at a protest two years ago against China’s tightening hold on the city. Wong tweeted that he and three others were found not guilty. It’s the first verdict in a number of court trials Wong is facing. USA TODAY