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India: Journalist beaten and dragged behind motorcycle days after murder of freelancer Jagendra Singh
Indian journalist Haider Khan was beaten and dragged behind a motorcycle on June 13, just weeks after the murder of freelance journalist Jagendra Singh, who was reportedly set on fire after angering a politician by publishing corruption allegations against him. IBTIMES

Iranian filmmaker and journalist Mostafa Azizi sentenced to 8 years in prison
Azizi was convicted of charges that include collusion against Iran’s national security and insulting Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader. These types of vaguely worded charges of violating national security are frequently used to silence free speech in Iran. CFJE

Digital Magna Carta vote demands free, open, uncensored web
Freedom of speech and protection from censorship have dominated a public vote on the British Library website as to what clauses should be included in a “Magna Carta for the digital age”. WIRED

Magna Carta 800th anniversary: UK freedom of the press still under threat
Freedom of the press will not be safe in the UK under new domestic surveillance laws unless more legal safeguards are put in place, journalists say. IBTIMES

The real censors of China
A government body known as the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (Sapprft) is responsible for managing publishing in China. But it leaves publishers to interpret them. Publishers then pass on to authors a general sense of foreboding, casting it as an unfortunate but unavoidable fact of nature, like bad weather. THE NEW YORK TIMES

Egypt: Journalists’ Syndicate rejects ‘attacks on freedoms’ by the authorities
Egypt’s Journalists’ Syndicate board said on Monday it rejects what it described as “a continuous attack on the freedom of the press” by the government, adding that such attacks were apparent in recent complaints by the Ministry of Interior against journalists who published articles that were critical of the government. AHRAM ONLINE