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Bahrain arrests ‘political poet’ amid free speech crackdown
Bahrain has extended its crackdown on freedom of speech with the detention of poet Khalil al-Ismael, who has been charged with attending an “illegal demonstration” and reading out a “political poem.” MIDDLE EAST EYE

Journalist in Brazil murdered after receiving threats
Journalist João Miranda do Carmo, who owned a local news site, was killed in central Brazil after receiving threats related to his work. Carmo is the third journalist killed in the country this year. JOURNALISM IN THE AMERICAS

Kashmir separatists turn to social media
Amid severe unrest, Kashmiris are using platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to organize meetings, broadcast information about protests and casualties, and urge people to donate blood where it’s needed. NBC NEWS

Palestinian security forces free freelance journalist
Palestinian security forces released freelance journalist Mohamed Abdullah Khabeisa, a Palestinian journalist based in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, after taking him from his home and confiscating his laptops and documents. ANADOLU AGENCY

Tanzanian court finds cop who shot journalist guilty
Policeman Pacificius Cleophance, who was charged with the killing of journalist and TV presenter Daudi Mwangosi, was found guilty of manslaughter by the High Court yesterday.

Is free speech in British universities under threat?
Universities are meant to be guardians of debate and challenging ideas. Yet as campuses become ‘safe spaces,’ the right of students not to be offended is taking priority, and voices are being silenced. GUARDIAN