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Free Expression Daily Digest: Tues., Feb 2

PEN’s Free Expression Digest brings you a daily curated round-up of the most important free expression-related stories from around the web. Please send your feedback and suggestions to [email protected]

Turkish prosecutors seek life terms in prison for 2 journalists 
Turkish prosecutors have sought life terms in prison for two prominent journalists jailed for revealing what appears to be the government’s clandestine shipment of arms into Syria. THE WASHINGTON POST

New safeguards to protect journalists from jail in Australia 
Australian Attorney-General George Brandis has unveiled new safeguards to protect journalists facing jail for reporting harmless details about special intelligence operations regarding the Australian Security Intelligence Organization. THE GUARDIAN

New digital monitoring at Berkeley raises question of academic freedom 
The University of California system began installing hardware and software that would monitor patterns of digital traffic, because of a hacker breach last summer. Professors at Berkeley have spoken out against the monitoring which they argue could compromise and constrain academic freedom to research topics that some find objectionable, among other repercussions. THE NEW YORK TIMES

Amnesty International calls on Republic of Congo to free opposition figure 
Amnesty International said Monday the Paulin Makaya was detailed and charged for exercising his right to freedom of expression by participating in an October protest against amendments to the constitution of Brazzaville. Amnesty International says Makaya’s charges should be dropped and he should be released. 

Greek theater cancels political violence play 
The cancellation of a Greek National Theatre play, which had been attacked by critics as glorifying convicted killers, has ignited a debate on political violence and art censorship. Actors and free-speech supporters have protested outside the theatre. REUTERS

Song by Haiti’s outing leader jeers at female journalist 
Haiti’s outgoing president Michel Martelly has released a brash pop song jeering at his critics. The song also aimed sexually suggestive lyrics at his main target, an award-winning female journalist and outspoken advocate for free speech and democracy, Liliane Pierre-Paul. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Tajik media protest against censorship law
Media organizations in Tajikistan have spoken out in protest of amendments to the country’s media law proposed by the government. Among the amendments is a clause allowing prosectuor’s offices to give written directions to media outlets regarding “irregularities”. THE CALVERT JOURNAL