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Cybersecurity bill could ‘sweep away’ internet users’ privacy, agency warns
Homeland Security admits Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act raises concerns while corporations and data brokers lobby for bill as it returns to Senate. THE GUARDIAN

Federal judge strikes down Idaho law banning documentation of animal abuse
A federal judge on Monday struck down an Idaho law that banned documentation of animal abuse at livestock operations, ruling that it violated freedom of speech and other constitutionally guaranteed rights. REUTERS

German officials suspend treason inquiry of bloggers, but public still seethes
About 1,300 people took to Berlin’s streets in protests over the weekend, and newspaper headlines referred to the investigation as an “Attack on Freedom” and “Nothing Short of an Intimidation Campaign.” And that was after the federal prosecutor, Harald Range, said Friday that he would not proceed with the investigation until an internal review into the charges could be completed. THE NEW YORK TIMES

Two reporters arrested during Ferguson protests settle suits
Two journalists who were arrested while reporting on protests after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown have settled lawsuits against St. Louis County, the American Civil Liberties Union announced Monday. ASSOCIATED PRESS

‘Journalists are being slaughtered’ – Mexico’s problem with press freedom
Photographer Rubén Espinosa’s murder in Mexico City carries a grim message: nowhere is safe as the authorities fail to halt growing violence against the press. THE GUARDIAN

Young Egyptian journalist Shawkan in jail for two years without charge after photographing Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations
When the Egyptian foreign minister met with US secretary of state John Kerry he said no journalists were imprisoned in Egypt because of their reporting, but the family of 27-year-old Mahmoud Abou Zeid would beg to differ. AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING COMPANY

Iranian censors act against critics of nuclear deal: ISNA
ran’s Press Supervisory Board has suspended a hardline newspaper and cautioned two other outlets for criticizing last month’s nuclear deal with world powers — a rare move for a body more used to upholding social conservatism. REUTERS