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Shelter for persecuted journalists opening in Mexico
In light of the mortal danger many journalists in Mexico endure, a group of media workers are set to open a shelter for colleagues facing threats due to their work. Mexico is widely considered one of the most dangerous places for journalists.

Burundian journalist living in exile in Uganda is stabbed
Boaz Ntaconayigize, a Burundi journalist, was stabbed in Uganda’s capital by two Burundians for allegedly conspiring to overthrow the current president. Nearly 100 Burundian journalists are currently in exile.

Tajikistan will fine journalists for using unfamiliar words
Tajikistan, one of central Asia’s most reclusive states, is going to start fining journalists caught using “incomprehensible” words, in an effort to promote the state language.

DePaul refuses to host conservative pundit
DePaul University has rejected a student group’s request to host conservative pundit Ben Shapiro in fear of escalation of violence by students. When conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos spoke, student protestors stormed the stage.

In China, Xi Jinping’s crackdown extends to dissenting versions of history
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s deepened crackdown on dissenting views and Western texts that go against the Communist narrative has dramatically tightened the space for political debate.

Facebook lures Africa with free internet – but what is the hidden cost?
Facebook has signed up almost half the countries in Africa to its free internet service, but critics argue that the expansion is a thinly veiled marketing ploy.