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Chinese journalist detained for reporting on the stock market
Wang Xiaolu, a reporter for the business magazine Caijing, was arrested by Chinese authorities on Tuesday for “spreading false information” because of his report about trading on the Beijing stock market. THE GUARDIAN
China cracks down on services that help people jump the Great Firewall
Internet users inside China who count on VPNs and proxies to cloak their location and access Gmail, Facebook, and other services restricted in China are finding it harder to jump the so-called “Great Firewall.” Following visits from authorities, four underground internet proxies have had to shut down their operations. QUARTZ
Malaysia to block websites promoting anti-government rally
Malaysia’s government said it will block access this weekend to websites that distribute information about a major demonstration that will demand the ouster of Prime Minister Najib Razak over corruption allegations. The protests are organized by Bersih, Malaysia’s leading alliance of independent NGOs, rights groups, and reform advocates. DEUTSCHE WELLE
More government surveillance won’t make anyone any safer
Mass surveillance makes preventing terrorism and catching bad guys less – not more – likely. If locating terrorist plotters is like finding a needle in a haystack, the last thing we should do is keep adding more hay. It’s not worth infringing on Americans’ right to privacy. Yet that’s what the NSA’s collect-it-all policies have amounted to. FORTUNE
Trump kicks well-known journalist out of press conference for asking question
Univision anchor Jorge Ramos questioned Trump on his immigration views during a press conference in Iowa. At first, Trump ignored him, then scolded the journalist for speaking without being called on, and eventually had him physically removed from the room. Ramos has since stated that Trump acted like a dictator and tried to silence him. THE INTERCEPT
Indonesian government to impose stricter controls on foreign journalists
A new regulation will force all foreign journalists to provide reports to regency, municipal and provincial authorities, as well as to the National Intelligence Agency, detailing their assignments in Indonesia. Press freedom advocates have condemned the regulation, saying it would hinder access to information from Indonesia. THE JAKARTA POST
Kenya: Bill to gag media wins MPs’ backing
The bill limits the media’s ability to report on parliamentary proceedings and proposes fines of roughly $4,800 and/or a two-year jail term for anyone who “publishes false or scandalous libel on the Parliament, its committees or proceedings.” The bill also requires journalists to get approval from the speaker/chairman of a committee before publishing. DAILY NATION
Court rejects lawsuit to block Facebook in Egypt
Yesterday, the Administrative Court rejected a lawsuit filed to block social networking website Facebook in Egypt. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit under the pretext that Facebook threatens Egyptian security, as it is used to spread rumors that harm the national interest and stability of the country, and incites immoral behavior. DAILY NEWS EGYPT