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Russia may block Wikipedia after site tries to exploit censorship ruling loophole
On Saturday, Wikipedia made a daring move to avoid taking down content at the request of Russian censors—but now, it seems, the website is bound for a ban despite taking advantage of a cunning loophole. GLOBAL VOICES

Cairo citizens caught between violence and Sisi’s draconian crackdowns
Ordinary Egyptians find themselves wedged between the violence of the insurgents and a security state that wields unprecedented power. With journalists and activists jailed and a new terrorism law in effect, a culture of fear is growing in Egypt. THE GUARDIAN

British rights activist charged with defamation in Thailand
British rights activist Andy Hall has been charged with criminal defamation in Thailand after he researched a report that alleged labour abuses at the Natural Fruit Company, a large Thai pineapple wholesaler that supplies the EU. THE GUARDIAN

Whereabouts of detained UAE academic unkown
Nasser bin Ghaith, an academic, has been held at an undisclosed location and not been allowed to talk to a lawyer or his family. He recently criticized Egyptian security forces, an action that has gotten many in trouble with UAE authorities. HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH

Pro-Government Twitter bots try to hush Mexican activists
Spam Bots are flooding activist hashtags, used to index related tweets, to make it more difficult for activists to communicate. Bots have followed protesters from hashtag to hashtag over the past few months, drowning out real conversations with noise. WIRED

Hong Kong journalist faces charges in Thailand
A Hong Kong journalist faces up to five years in prison in Thailand for carrying protective body armor without a license. The journalist, who was on assignment for Initium Media Technology, a Hong Kong-based news agency, was leaving Thailand after reporting on the aftermath of an August 17 bomb blast. COMMITTEE TO PROTECT JOURNALISTS

Reporters, witnesses silenced ‘one by one’ with ICC link deadly in Kenya
People connected to the international court proceedings against Kenyan leaders are disappearing. A number of witnesses have been intimidated into not testifying and journalists connected to the case have been murdered. AL JAZEERA AMERICA