Hong Kong pro-democracy leader deported from Thailand
Joshua Wong, Hong Kong student activist who became a face of a pro-democracy movement in the Chinese-ruled city, has been deported from Thailand after being detained on arrival at the airport.

Ex-activist denied entry to Macau for ‘posing threats’ to internal security
A former activist from Hong Kong has been denied entry to Macau on the grounds that he poses threats to the stability of the territory’s internal security.

Crimean Tatar activist’s house raided by Russian Federal Security Services
The Russian Federal Security Service searched the house of Crimean Tatar National Movement activist Suleiman Kadyrov in occupied Crimea in the morning of Oct. 5.

South African activist faces Israeli arrest
South African Olympian Leigh-Ann Naidoo has been reportedly arrested by members of the Israeli naval forces while on board a humanitarian boat to Gaza as part of an initiative that seeks to challenge the Israeli blockade on the Palestinian territory.

Theresa May’s speech attacks ‘activist left wing human rights lawyers’
The Tory party conference erupted in applause as the Prime Minister jeered “activist left wing human rights lawyers” who “harangue and harass” Britain’s armed forces.

Mexican journalist to speak at OLLU for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Lydia Cacho, journalist who was tortured and received death threats while investigating the global sex trade, organized crime, and human rights abuses both in her home country and abroad, will discuss her work as an advocate against violence and sexual abuse of women and children.

In-depth: How the Feds got past Yahoo’s encryption
On Tuesday, Reuters broke the news that Yahoo in 2015 created a tool for scanning its trove of user webmail on behalf of the FBI or the NSA, scouring hundreds of millions of arriving emails for specific search terms the agencies provided.


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