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Bangladeshi spies accused of blocking media advertisements
Army intelligence agency officers have instructed companies to stop advertising in Bangladesh’s two leading independent newspapers, sources told Al Jazeera. Since then, Prothom Alo has lost at least 35 percent of its advertising revenue, while that of its sister paper, Daily Star, has plummeted about 25 percent. AL JAZEERA

Ghana suspends judges after journalist’s documentary
Seven of 12 High Court judges in Ghana have been suspended following allegations of bribery stemming from a film made by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas. The documentary has shocked Ghanaian citizens and has been shown to packed houses in the country’s capital. BBC NEWS

Three-day Internet ban halts journalists’ work in Kashmir
Internet services were blocked at the start of Eid al-Adha festivities in Kashmir. For 82 hours, Rising Kashmir was unable to update its website as it normally does, while a Kashmir Monitor editor said the ban had undermined the English-language daily’s attractiveness. REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS

China’s new “Citizen Scores” will rate every person in the country
The Chinese government has announced a new universal reputation score, tied to every person in the country’s nation ID number and based on such factors as political compliance, hobbies, shopping, and video game activity. All scores are to be made public, and high-scoring individuals will get privileges denied to less fortunate peers, such as permits to visit Singapore. BOING BOING

Secret police detain Nigerian newspaper editor
Ibanga Isine, regional editor of the Premium Times, was reporting from a federal High Court when he was arrested by the State Security Service on Tuesday. He was there for several hearings, including that of the alleged mastermind behind the 2010 Independence Day bombing in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. PREMIUM TIMES

Macedonia plans to ban publishing of wiretaps
Macedonia’s ruling parties have proposed outlawing the publication of any materials related to tapes that have been presented by the opposing Social Democrats. Independent media unions and foreign diplomats condemned the bid as damaging to the public interest. BALKAN INSIGHT

Freelance journalists in Belarus face fines for working for foreign media
In Belarus, dozens of freelance journalists were fined between 2014 and 2015 for working for foreign media without an accreditation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In a country dominated by state-run media, foreign outlets offer an alternative source of information. INDEX ON CENSORSHIP

Keyword warning software in UK schools raises red flag
Schoolchildren in the UK who search for words such as “caliphate” and the names of Muslim political activists on classroom computers risk being flagged as potential supporters of terrorism by monitoring software that helps teachers spot students at risk of radicalization. AL JAZEERA

Politkovskaya’s family says murder remains unsolved
Nine years have passed since the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and her family says her murder has yet to be solved. “I am very disappointed with the way the investigation has been conducted and I am unaware of any progress made there,” Politkovskaya’s son Ilya told Interfax on Oct. 7. RUSSIA BEYOND THE HEADLINES