Thai court finds British labor activist guilty of defamation
A Thai court on Tuesday found a British labor activist guilty of defamation and computer crimes, a verdict that some experts and rights advocates predicted would harm efforts to protect migrant workers in Southeast Asia.

Trump suggests ‘Freedom Of Expression’ is hurting fight against terrorism
Republican nominee Donald Trump cited “freedom of expression” Monday as a potential roadblock in the fight against terrorism, and suggested that press freedom is preventing law enforcement from arresting the publishers of bomb-making instructions.

UC Berkeley reinstates controversial course on history of Palestine
Campus officials reinstated the course after students, faculty, free-speech advocates and Palestinian rights groups issued letters and circulated petitions denouncing the suspension as a violation of academic freedom.

Missionaries struggle to work under new Russia law banning proselytizing
Mormons are one of many religious groups struggling to operate under the new law, which bans preaching or disseminating religious materials except by authorized officials in registered religious buildings or sites. The restrictions extend to private homes and online communications.

Indian journalist asked to leave Pakistan media briefing in New York
Amid heightened tensions between India and Pakistan after the terror attack in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday, an Indian journalist was asked to leave a press conference scheduled to be addressed by Pakistan Foreign Secretary in New York on Monday.

Journalist sacked for not prioritising Prince George’s birth report wins case
The Central London Employment Tribunal has awarded a BBC journalist £51,000 in compensation after he was sacked by the company for prioritising a report on Sri Lankan politics over the birth of Prince George in 2013.

“With Facebook’s flaws in the spotlight, Mark Zuckerberg’s silence is deafening”
Aftenposten editor who locked horns with Facebook over censorship of ‘napalm girl’ photo challenges company pens to respond.


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