Chile demands Venezuela disclose location of held journalist
The government of Chile has demanded that Venezuela “immediately” disclose the location of a journalist who was detained earlier this month. Braulio Jatar was taken into custody on Sept. 3 after publishing videos of a protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Prominent Turkish journalist, academic detained
Former newspaper editor Ahmet Altan and his brother Mehmet Altan, an economics professor, have been arrested as part of Turkey’s post-coup purge. They appeared on a TV show a day before the failed putsch on July 15.

Texas gun-rights activist slammed for film portraying shooting of protester
The graphic video imagines the shooting death of a young woman during a home invasion. That much is not in question. What is in question: Whether the short film by a Second Amendment activist crosses a line by violently portraying the fictional death of a real-life student protester.

Chinese activist challenges homosexuality ‘disorder’ textbooks
A gay Chinese student activist on Monday lodged a suit against the Ministry of Education over school textbooks describing homosexuality as a mental disorder, the latest step by China’s small but growing gay rights movement.

Facebook blocks Black Lives Matter activist after he posts racist email
The ban against Shaun King, which was revoked as a ‘mistake’ hours later, is the latest incident of site censoring users following Vietnam war photo removal.

Ethiopian journalist Yusuf Getachew released from jail
Yusuf Getachew, editor-in-chief of Ye Muslimoch Guday (Muslim Affairs), had been imprisoned since July 2012, a relative of the journalist told CPJ. Yusuf was freed on the day that several prisoners were released as part of a presidential pardon for Ethiopia’s new year and Eid celebrations, according to reports.

Op-Ed: Suing journalists in Mexico
A recent flurry of specious lawsuits filed against journalists—and a troubling court decision in May that lifted monetary caps on libel damages—are having a chilling effect on investigative reporting and criticism in the country.

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